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Britax B-MOTION 3 Review

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Britax B-MOTION 3 Review
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Reviewed On: 11 Jul 2014
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

Following on from the award winning success of the Britax B-Agile here is the latest addition to the Britax family, the Britax B-MOTION 3. Read our review to find out more about this fantastic three wheeler.

Review Summary


It has the versatility of a three wheeler, has style, is well made, and offers you a long term pushchair suitable from birth until toddler age (17 kg), without costing the earth. If you are looking for something between a stroller and a big pushchair, I recommend you take a look at the Britax B-MOTION 3.

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What’s good
  • Stylish
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great hood
  • Freestanding when folded
  • Urban and off-road potential
What’s not so good
  • Heavy
  • Not flip flop friendly
  • Strap recline

Review Content

Britax B-MOTION 3 Review

A well priced all purpose three wheeler which looks great. If you liked the B-Motion 4 - its brother (with four wheels) - but you prefer the look and feel of three wheels, this could be the one for you. With a smooth ride, rear suspension and a compact freestanding fold how will the Britax B-MOTION 3 get on in our B-MOTION 3 review…


The Britax B-MOTION 3 is available in two colours: Neon Black and Neon Chili.


You'll be pleased to hear that the Britax B-MOTION 3 is simple to put together once you fight your way into the box. It's just a case of firmly clicking the three wheels into place, attaching the hood to the chassis, attaching the bumper bar adapters and bumper bar. I didn't even need to look at the instructions - the pushchair was ready to go in just a few minutes.

Boasting a stylish brushed aluminium curved chassis with black plastic points it is good to look at. The frame feels robust and the ride feels firm yet smooth.

On the Britax B-MOTION 3 the wheels are very easy to fit and remove. The front wheel can be locked to help with difficult terrain and the back two tyres have suspension to ensure a nice smooth ride for your passenger. The wheels are all air-filled, which is a worry for me as I always seem to be getting punctures. Having said that, the rubber feels strong and more than adequate for most situations. Two of my children have been in the B-MOTION 3 - a 6 month old and a 2 year old. The pushchair remained stable and was easy to push and turn, even with my heavier child.

When it comes to braking, it is super simple. The brake is located on the back right axle next to the wheel and is applied easily by pushing down. The brake mechanism is nice and firm and there is an audible click, so you know that you have done it correctly. Once applied, the brake holds the pushchair well. To remove the brake you simply place your foot underneath the mechanism and lift the lever back up again. As a regular flip flop / opened toe shoe wearer I don't feel that this is the ideal brake system for me personally, but with my trainers on, it is easy.

The handle is plastic and is covered with soft foam for comfort. It feels nice, hard wearing and isn't too wide or too shallow, which is good for me as I have found some designs give me wrist ache. The bar can be adjusted to 8 different positions. I found four of them usable with the additional helping with storage, or when folding for a tighter fold. I found the Britax B-MOTION 3 light and easy to push one handed with a child on board.

With a decent sized mesh basket you don't need to worry about where you are going to fit all your shopping. The basket is easy to access from either side or from the back - although, it becomes a little more difficult if your little one is having a snooze. The bottom of the basket is solid which is a definite thumbs up from me and I am confident that it would stand up to carrying most packages without a problem.


A forward-facing fabric seat which has good width and height; the seat width is 34 cm and was wide enough to accommodate my 2 year old and probably a cuddly toy or two as well. With a full lie-flat position the B-MOTION 3 can be used from birth until 17kg. When using the lie-flat position I would recommend a newborn insert or the Britax carrycot if you prefer a snugger fit.


Using the strap recline is easy with a child in place. To recline the seat you pull the plastic toggle (on the back of the seat) down. The seat can be reclined as much or as little as you like to suit your child. To sit the child back up again, you grasp the plastic rings (located on the end of both the straps), and pull the straps apart. I found that you can put the seat back up again using one hand but, it takes a little more time as you have to pull one side and then the other. I got the chance to do this when my 2 year old decided he did not want to sit forward to help me. Thankfully, my 6 month old isn't too heavy so adjusting the recline was much easier.


Onto the harness, it is a 5 point harness with both shoulder and waist adjustable straps. Additional padded shoulder/chest straps are attached which can be moved easily up and down the straps to ensure a comfortable fit. I found the straps easy to adjust and I liked that there was an audible click when fastening the harness together. It was easy to clip and unclip my children; but, not so easy that they could unclip themselves (a definite plus for me). Both my 6 month old and my 24 month old both looked comfortable in the pushchair, and the harness was positioned well on them.

My favourite part of the pushchair is the shower-proof hood. At first glance you might not think it looks like much but I was pleasantly surprised. The hood is a good size and offers good shade protection. Hidden within it, is a mesh panel. Once unzipped, you can move the hood further forward providing even more coverage. There is also a small viewing window in the hood which is opened via a velcro flap. The hood moves forwards in three stages and although it isn't the smoothest of transitions it is nice and quiet so shouldn't disturb a sleeping baby. With the back of the hood fitting neatly over a bar underneath the handle; and, being secured with velcro to the sides of the seat, everything fits together very nicely. Within the back of the hood there is a large zip pocket. It would easily hold a mobile phone, keys or even a large letter for the postbox.


The footwell unzips along with the rest of the seat cover to allow it to be machine washed or brushed down with ease. With the various velcro and popper fastenings around the pushchair I found this very easy to do. I think it is a great feature, and one I would definitely use. Removal of the covers also allows you to add a Britax infant car seat or carrycot using the CLICK & GO® adapters which are included in the box.

There is a bumper bar with the B-MOTION 3. To use the bar you need to use the adapters provided which click into place on either side of the seat. The bumper bar then fits neatly into the clips on either side. The bumper bar adapters haven't quite got the same attention to detail as the rest of the pushchair. Underneath they look unfinished, which is a shame. The bumper bar is gate opening and can be opened with one hand, which makes getting a child in and out of the seat much easier. 

The B-MOTION 3 raincover provides excellent coverage, is easy to fit and is completely see-through. The raincover will cover your child whether they are sat upright or reclined, as there is more than enough plastic at the back for this.


Once folded you are left with a very neat package which would stand in the corner of any hallway or boot without a problem.

To fold, push the hood back as far as it will go and use the toggles to put the seat into the most upright position. Then, for a more compact fold ensure that the front wheel is pointing forwards and is not sideways as it makes the whole operation easier. On the right hand side of the pushchair chassis there is a grey button, push this button and it will stay depressed. Now, if you look into the seating area you will see a large black fabric handle in the centre of the seat. Pull this handle upwards and you will feel the pushchair begin to fold together. You will need to lift the pushchair in order for it to close up tight enough to put the lock on. I personally find this difficult due to the weight. Having said that even without the lock on the end result is a very small package which will stand upright. The pushchair can then be made even smaller by removing the wheels which is super easy as they pop off.

Unfolding the B-MOTION 3 is simple. You take the chassis lock off (if you have managed to put it on) and you lift the handle bar up securing the front wheel. This operation is one handed and is very quick and easy which would be great for when you get off a bus or train with a child in your arms.


I like the Britax B-MOTION 3, it is simple and stylish. Almost usable straight from the box and once assembled it is easy to push, has a great hood, and is simple to fold. I think this will be a popular pushchair and will be great 'around town' with the large back wheels and suspension meaning cobbled streets and high street kerbs are no problem.

The niggles are just that, niggles. I found the strap recline required a knack. My husband instantly worked out how to use it, but unfortunately it took me a good few attempts to recline the pushchair. As for pushing the seat back up again it is effortless with two hands. With one hand it takes a long time and is frustrating.

At 11kg you might argue that the B-MOTION 3 is not that light, but this is a bi-product of the urban/off-road design and actually adds to the sturdy feel.

The well designed hood and the easily removable fabrics mean that a machine wash isn't a military exercise, great news if your toddler enjoys a snack on the go.

As the B-Motion 3 can stand independently when folded it means that it will appeal to those with a limited amount of house space, as it will neatly stand in a corner until it is needed. Also, the easy folding means that it would easily unfold in most hallways.

In conclusion, I liked the B-MOTION 3. It has the versatility of a three wheeler, has style, is well made, and offers you a long term pushchair suitable from birth until toddler age (17 kg), without costing the earth. If you are looking for something between a stroller and a big pushchair, I recommend you take a look at the Britax B-MOTION 3.

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