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Bob Revolution Pro Review

Review Overview

Bob Revolution Pro Review
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Reviewed On: 28 Feb 2014
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:
4.5 / 5

The new BOB Revolution PRO is the only all-terrain pushchair approved for running that also has a swivel wheel, but is it any good?4.5

Review Summary


The PRO is an all-terrain pushchair that is also a jogger's dream, something they can use every day without the hassle of a fixed front wheel. Combine this with great looks, exceptional quality and a fair price.

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What’s good
  • Looks
  • Swivel wheel jogger
  • Quality
What’s not so good
  • Basket access
  • Recline
  • Fabric removal tricky

Review Content

Bob Revolution Pro Review

If you are looking for an off road pushchair, are into running and want to take your little one out with you, you are currently forced to use a fixed front wheel pushchair - until now. The new BOB Revolution PRO all terrain pushchair has both fixed and swivel wheel options and is approved for running by the German test house TÜV. At last runners don't have to have two sets of wheels. Find out what we think in our BOB Revolution PRO review.


We have already seen the BOB Revolution SE pushchair here at Pushchair Expert and loved it giving it 4.5 stars. The Revolution is an upgraded version with a very unique feature. It is the only swivel wheel off-road pushchair approved for running.

Out of the box and for some reason the Revolution PRO looks like a step into the future. The chassis is now black and this makes this BOB a real head turner, looking utilitarian and über cool at the same time. I really like it. We have a red sample here and the red and black combination works really well.

Starting from the top, the BOB Revolution PRO sports a brake up on the handle. This activates two drum brakes down on the wheels and acts as the all important running brake that is present on all running pushchairs. The lever is set over on the left hand side so you must use your left hand to operate it. It does free your right hand up and allow you to use the strength in this hand when pushing on. Brake lever operation is fairly light and easy to modulate, so it won't cause a problem.

Some adjustment will be necessary to get your BOB braking straight and true when you are applying the brakes. This is achieved by adjusting the brakes themselves where the cables meet the brake assemblies. This is just the same as adjusting the brakes on a bike, so should not trouble you too much.

The handle itself is foam covered, adjustable and can be fixed in 1 of 7 positions. It has a huge height range and can be set between 89 – 114cm. When running, brake access is best when the handle resides in the middle positions. As this is an off-road pushchair, BOB have also provided a wrist strap which doubles as the pushchair frame lock when folded.


In addition to the running brake, the Revolution PRO has a standard on/off brake for use when you wish to apply the brakes when the pushchair is stationery. This is a simple bar across the back behind the rear axle, use your toes to apply it by pushing it down and then use your toe again to lift it off. It is a little utilitarian, but with BOB, I think that is the point. It certainly won't fail!

Wheels dominate the BOB Revolutions PRO's stance, they are huge at 40cm at the rear and 30cm at the front. They all have pneumatic tyres and as a function of the size, weigh a bit - but not as much as you would expect. However, there is a reason for this design requirement: Big tyres have a big benefit. This BOB will go almost anywhere you want it to, the shops, the canal path, the country walk, the beach, even up a mountain! Big tyres mean big usability.

And now that unique function. The BOB Revolution PRO is the only pushchair to be homologated for use as a jogging pushchair that still retains a swivel front wheel. This is a huge point as those of you who have tried to manoeuvre a fixed front wheel pushchair will testify. To prepare the PRO for running, you must lock the front wheel so it is hanging out from of the chassis. Locking the wheel in position is as easy as moving a red locking button at the front to ‘sport' and rotating the front wheel so it is sitting forward. You cannot get the lock position wrong as there is only one place it will lock. Once locked, you can adjust the wheel tracking with a screw adjuster to ensure PRO tracks straight and true.

Suspension is a BOB trademark. The Revolution PRO gets twin shock adjustable absorbers with BOB logos that sit at the centre of the pushchair. Adjustment is as simple as sliding the shocks from one notch to another to harden or soften the ride. I must point out that the suspension is excellent it really soaks up the bumps.

There is no suspension on the front wheel, this is by design in order to maintain as much strength as possible in the front wheel assembly. As your child's weight is actually slung in the perfect position behind the shock absorbers, they are certain of a comfortable ride wherever you go.

The basket is not a bad size at 42cm x 35cm x 15cm, however, for the BOB, shopping comes second to getting around off the beaten track. It would be nice to see the top of the basket zipped so that any stuff you do put in there does not leap out, but I guess you cannot have everything. Access is from the rear and the side and is pretty good but not outstanding you will struggle to get a full bag of shopping through the gap even though the basket can hold it.

If you are looking for rugged looks, the BOB chassis delivers in spades, it has a genuine get out there are enjoy the open spaces demeanour. I challenge anyone not to give it an admiring glance next time one whizzes past.


The BOB Revolution PRO seat is nice and wide. At 37cm, it is one of the widest seats we have measure recently. Usable seat back height is surprising and possibly a little disappointing at only 43cm. If your child is any taller then they will have their head surrounded by the hood which they may not like. There is a feature built into the hood which allows you to collect this loose fabric when the hood is back or half deployed. BOB have added some Velcro straps to the top of the hood that help collect up the loose hood fabric's. It is quite a nifty feature but whether you will use it all the time is another matter as you have to undo them to fully extend the hood.

Pulling the hood forward eases this problem, but then cocoons the occupant to the point where they may find it a little claustrophobic. This is immediately negated when you discover the fabulous viewing flap on the top of the hood. You can open the flap rolling up the cover and tucking it into a mesh pocket. Now your little one can enjoy excellent light and space, even with the hood fully extended.  It turns out to make for a great seat/hood combination.

The Seat recline method is a function of form. It is a strap affair and although not our favourite method, it is effective even if you almost need 3 hands at times. Pull the plastic strap buckles out at their base to lengthen the straps and lower the seat back thus reclining the seat and then pull straps and push the seatback back up to bring the seat more upright. The seat back is quite laid back, so is perhaps not the best for the nosiest of children, but will be comfortable when on the move especially at speed over the bumps.

The seat is well padded and made from a very hardwearing material. In fact, all the fabrics on the BOB are very high quality and will no-doubt last for a very long time.

I love the 5 point harness. It is easy to do up as you can do one side at a time, it is simple to adjust and best of all the shoulder heights can be infinitely adjusted from the front of the pushchair without any disassembly required.

Your child's feet will rest in a pocket that sits where the chassis rails come together at the front. Although the fabric is wipe clean, I think this will act as a bit of a muck trap and in time contribute to a bit of a mucky look to this area which is a shame. This is compounded as it is not going to be easy to remove and clean the fabrics as they are attached to the chassis with screws, it is not impossible, just not easy.

There is no bumper bar on the PRO but as your child sits so far back in the seat, this won't be missed. You could always purchase the snack tray as an alternative.

Lastly, there are some nice mesh pockets built into the seat near the child's hips and one behind the seat back which will be perfect for your keys and phone etc.


Folding the BOB is simple, even if you don't end up with the smallest package unless you remove the wheels - then it is quite compact.

First, apply the brake. Next, fold down the handle to a lower position (not the lowest possible). To do this, press in the buttons on the inside and rotate it down.  Next pull up the two triggers that are under the chassis by the handle. Now, swing the back of the seat over to the front while at the same time folding the handle to its lowest position. You will now see a red covered brake cable sticking out behind the seat. Pull this and lift the pushchair up and back allowing it to collapse you can now clip the frame together and you are done.

To unfold, undo the chassis clip and lift up the rear of the chassis with the red brake cable. Allow the rear wheels to swing out and the front to roll forward. Once the chassis is sitting on 3 wheels, pull the handle/seat back up and over until it snaps into place.

There is no getting away from the fact that the BOB Revolution PRO is bulky and awkward to handle once it is folded - there is nothing obvious to really get hold of. This is a function of its design and something that you will have to accept if you want this style of pushchair.


I love the BOB Revolution PRO, it has the looks, build quality and the unique functionality that make it a winner for me. It even comes with a 5 year warranty!

OK, for me the PRO has a few small niggles. The fold is bulky, the basket cannot be accessed that easily, the recline needs 3 hands and really tall children may find the hood irritates them if you are not using the Velcro hood straps, but I don't mind. The rugged yet cool style of the black chassis and suspension more than make up for these issues.

The PRO is an all-terrain pushchair that is also a jogger's dream, something they can use every day without the hassle of a fixed front wheel. Combine this with great looks, exceptional quality and a fair price. If you are looking for something to handle the rough stuff, check out the BOB Revolution PRO, you will be hooked!

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