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BeSafe iZi Go Parent Review

Review Overview

BeSafe iZi Go Parent Review
Reviewed On: 18 Mar 2013
Rachel Phillips
A parent

My name is Rachel Phillips I'm 21 and a first time mum to Freddie who was born on the 1.3.13. I live in Wiltshire with my husband Daniel, I'm a reception class TA currently on maternity leave and Daniel is a Royal Engineer in the British Army. We relocated from Kent to Wiltshire due to Daniels work and we travel to and from Wiltshire regularly to visit family, due to this two and a half hour journey the BeSafe iZi Go Car Seat will definitely get a lot of use. Also living in a rural area on Salisbury Plain means a simple journey to the shops evolves a 30 minute car drive. I will also be using it with my Bugaboo Cameleon3 when we take Freddie out and about on trips. 
Looking forward to testing the BeSafe iZi Go Car Seat. 

Review Summary


I have fallen in love with the BeSafe iZi Go CarSeat, I can honestly say I won't be going back to my previous CarSeat. Freddie is comfortable and secure in the 5 point harness and well padded and protected in the egg shape design. It's lightweight and has a easy handle bar to make getting it from ISOfix base to pushchair and out again very simple and quick.

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What’s good
  • 5 point harness
  • Lightweight egg design
  • Magnets in the straps to make putting baby in hassle free
What’s not so good
  • Dark fabric and hood can get hot very quickly in sun
  • Central strap hangs loose and can get caught
  • Doesn't fit in all supermarket carseat trolleys

Review Content

BeSafe iZi Go Parent Review
First Impressions

Today our BeSafe iZi CarSeat arrived, our first impressions were very good. 

On initial handling the seat felt light and easy to carry, the colours are bright and the seat interior looked padded and comfy. Features that I really liked were the straps come with a magnet to hold them to the side making it easy to get my little one into the seat without having to pull the straps out from behind him, also the padded straps didn't rub against Freddie's face as they were soft and low enough to not irritate him.


One thing on the car seat that seemed disappointing was the excess strap that hangs from the seat has nothing to tuck into meaning it hangs from the base of the seat easily catching on things. On first impressions we are really happy with the BeSafe iZi Car Seat and can't wait to take it out.

March the 18th 2013 - Fitting the ISOfix base into the car.

The base came with clear and easy to follow instructions. But fitting the ISOfix connections to the ISOfix car points was challenging, other car seats come with plastic guides to aid in fitting the connectors, this one didn't, which made it more difficult to connect as you had to hold the chair fabric up while sliding the chair into position. 


Attaching the Car Seat to the ISOfix base was easy and simple, the green indicators let us know that the seat was in safely. Once on the road we didn't hear a sound from Freddie, he was very comfortable and contented.


The BeSafe iZi Car Seat attached to my Bugaboo with the Car Seat adapters, the transition from car to pram was very simple and easy, Freddie didn't even realise he had been taken out the car. After a trip around the supermarket Freddie was popped back into the car soundly asleep. 

March the 25th 2013

I've been using the BeSafe for a week now, I'm really happy with it. Freddie is comfortable and settles quickly when he's in it. When out shopping and using the Car Seat with my pram, I had a pregnant lady stop and ask me what make of Car Seat it was, I explained that it was the BeSafe iZi and I was testing it for pushchair trader and was really happy so far. Unfortunately Freddie hasn't been very well this last week which has stopped my husband and I traveling to see family but hopefully we will be able to go at the end of the week, this means a 2 hour car journey so we can see how the seat holds up. 

April the 8th 2013

This week we haven't had amazing weather in Tidworth which has meant rain covers all round!
Unfortunately the BeSafe iZi doesn't come with compartment to store it in, so I had to carry my cover in my baby bag.
A feature I really love is the 5 point harness, I feel this keeps Freddie nice and secure in the CarSeat however I do find that if I pull the straps tight over his shoulders it makes it tighter on his legs, which has resulted in the harness rubbing his thighs. To combat this I have had to make the straps looser on his shoulders so his legs have a little room for movement, it's not a major issue and doesn't seem to bother Freddie but on long car journeys I wouldn't want his legs to get sore. I don't feel this takes away from the safety of the chair it's just a personal preference.

April the 11th 2013

This week we made a trip to Southampton, as Freddie was asleep when we arrived after our hour car journey I felt it would be better to let him sleep and keep him comfy in his CarSeat. I love that the BeSafe iZi is compatible with my Bugaboo cameleon as its so handy to just take Freddie straight from the car and pop him onto the adapters. 

April the 22nd 2013

This week we took Freddie to the farm, he enjoyed having a look at all the animals and taking a leisurely stroll in his BeSafe iZi. Even the goats liked the look of the BeSafe.

I do find with the sunshade I'm forever pulling it over more as it has a habit of folding back on its own and exposing Freddie's face.

April the 29th 2013

This week Freddie had his jabs so he's been a little under the weather, however on trips out I've found getting the car seat off the isofix base a little tricky if the front passenger seat wasn't pull forward. This creates a little problem when my husband has been sitting in the front seat. 

May the 6th 2013

Washing the seat.

After the bank holiday weekend I thought it would be a good idea to see how well the seat washed up. After reading the brief instructions the fabric came off the seat very easily. A combination of zips and poppers makes it a very simple task and this also means you don't have to unthread the harness straps. Once all the fabric is removed all that's left is the frame of the carseat and white blocks, these are also removable so you can give the seat a proper dust off. 


I washed the seat cover at 30 like the instruction manual read. I have a quick wash cycle on my machine which is only half an hour long, this was fine for the seat as it wasn't that dirty.

The seat cover dried over night and was fine to go back on the next morning. This was a little tricky and I did need a hand from my husband, but we got there in the end.

May the 20th 2013

This weekend we celebrated Freddie's Christening, he had a lovely day and also a nice nap in his carseat through the middle of the service. The BeSafe iZi is obviously very comfy to sleep in, even through church!

I've recently been using a sleeping bag with the BeSafe iZi to keep Freddie warm specially  at night when we have been out and about. I find it very handy as it has a Velcro space for the straps. It doesn't take Freddie long to fall asleep in the seat, he's very settled in it.

When we visit our friend we find the BeSafe very handy as a little chair for Freddie to sit in, we don't go anywhere without it!

June the 3rd 2013

It was Dans birthday this week so we decided to go on a family trip to Bristol. This was an hour and a half car ride from home, Freddie slept most the way and when he woke he was happy and smiley. We had dinner out and walked around the town, Freddie was so wide awake in the day and this made him tired so slept the whole journey back.

June the 17th 2013

It's been quite in Tidworth, Dan has been away with work and Freddie and I have been enjoying the good weather. I found I needed to wash the seat cover of the BeSafe iZi again as Freddie has reflux and tends to be quite sick. Once I had dryer the seat fabric and put it back together I moved the straps up to the next setting which is quick and simple, Freddie seemed much happier with the extra room. This also made it easier to tighten the straps around his legs. Exciting news this week a good friend of mine announced she was expecting! This was a perfect opportunity to recommend the BeSafe iZi, I showed my friend how easy it was to secure Freddie into the seat and that with the isofix base it took seconds to secure the seat in the car. I can happily say she was very impressed and now has a BeSafe iZi on her shopping list.

June the 26th 2013

Today was Armed Forces Day and Freddie enjoyed watching the parade and seeing the Solider's marching past. It was very hot today in Tidworth and I did find that the black fabric of the BeSafe iZi heated up very quickly. Freddie became very hot in his seat so we decided it was best to carry him. Maybe the seat would be cooler in a lighter fabric, but once back in the car Freddie seemed settled and content in his car seat.  

Final Summary 2013

I have fallen in love with the BeSafe iZi Go CarSeat, I can honestly say I won't be going back to my previous CarSeat. Freddie is comfortable and secure in the 5 point harness and well padded and protected in the egg shape design. It's lightweight and has a easy handle bar to make getting it from ISOfix base to pushchair and out again very simple and quick. The buttons are big and in sensible places. Magnets in the straps make getting Freddie in and out simple without them getting in the way. The fabric is easy to remove and washes well, this helps a lot when you need to wipe it down most days. Tightening the straps on and off is easily done as is moving the straps when your child grows.  Installation of the ISOfix base is very simple and once you've done it the first time it becomes second nature. Overall I'm so happy with the BeSafe iZi Go Carseat and will be moving on to the Stage 1 BeSafe when Freddie it's ready. I don't have any real concerns with the Carseat other than cosmetic issues which can be easily gotten over. This carseat comes highly recommended.


 Magnets in the straps to make putting baby in hassle free.

 5 point harness 

 Lightweight egg design


 Dark fabric and hood can get hot very quickly in sun.

Central strap hangs loose and can get caught.

 Doesn't fit in all supermarket carseat trolleys. 

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