Review: BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Review

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BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Review

Review Overview

BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Review
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Reviewed On: 04 Mar 2016
Kelly Walker
Expert Reviewer
Kelly's Verdict:

The BeSafe iZi Go has been updated to be i-Size compliant and is now Modular so that you can use the same base for your infant carrier and toddler car seat! 

Review Summary


At the top of the safety stakes, Besafe have created an infant carrier that complies with the i-Size regulations, looks great and keeps the child ultra comfy.

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What’s good
  • Lovely fabrics
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Large hood
  • Harness easily adjusted
  • Simple to install
What’s not so good
  • SIP+ could be lost

Review Content

BeSafe iZi Go Modular i-Size Review

The BeSafe iZi Modular is a complete system that includes the iZi Go infant carrier, iZi Modular toddler car seat and the i-Size base that they both fit on to. We are taking a look at the iZi Go infant carrier that has been adapted from the original iZi Go, to comply with the i-Size regulations. With the complete system, you have car seats that offer extended rear facing from birth right up to four years old.

Unlike the usual instruction manual that arrives with car seats, the instructions for the iZi Go Modular i-Size infant carrier are pretty compact. There are only a few of pages of comprehensive written instructions, with a complete set of illustrations. Paired together, it makes the fitting of the base and seat quick and easy to understand.

To comply with the i-Size standards, the iZi Go needs to be fitted in the car with the iZi Modular i-Size Base. If you don't have the base, then you can also fit the infant carrier with the car's own seat belt. The i-Size Base features three different sets of red or green indicators to let you know that it is fitted correctly. BeSafe include ISOfix insertion clips and they are stored in the underside of the base, which is really handy.


To start, push either of the grey ISOfix release buttons on top of the base, which will extend the ISOfix connectors. Once pulled fully out, you can position the base on the vehicle seat and click the connectors on to the ISOfix anchor points. There are two indicators on the top of the seat, which will turn green once connected. On some car seats, the ISOfix arms slide easily back in, which makes installation difficult, but the i-Size base has two areas to press while fitting which prevents this. Then the base needs pushing firmly as close to the vehicle seat as you can. The floor support has a yellow cap which needs removing before you can install correctly. When this is removed, a beeping sound will continue, until it is adjusted to the correct height in the footwell of the car, by pressing the lever at the side. Then it's just a case of sitting the car seat onto the base until the indicator at the front changes to green. For an infant carrier and base, it's quite compact and doesn't take up to much room at the back of the seat.

A new feature to the car seat world is additional SIP+, or side impact protection+. In the case of the iZi Modular, the SIP+ is removable and needs to be fitted to the car seat on the doorside of the vehicle. As an energy absorbing cushion, it reduces the distance to the car door, which in turn reduces the movement of the seat and child. Because it can be removed, it could get misplaced, so maybe a structure that stayed in place would be better.


Suitable for use from birth (or 40cm) upto 75cm, you use height rather than weight to decide when to move up to the next stage car seat. There is also a maximum of 13kg in weight though, which should take you to around 12 months old. This is one of the biggest differences with the i-Size regulations.

The scalloped shape hood is instantly recognisable on the iZi Go Modular as a BeSafe car seat. Though maintaining the futuristic design, the seat has had several improvements to bring it up to date with the strict i-Size regulations. These include additional cushioning in the head rest, memory foam side wings and a side impact protection shock absorber.

We are really impressed with the canopy on this model as it is much larger than the original and really helps to cocoon a sleeping child. As it is completely independent from the handle, you can have it any position you like in or out of the car. The solid rim and hood rods helps to keep the stretchy material taut, and there's even a v-shaped, ventilated section at the back to help better airflow. It does give a few clicks as you operate.


The inside of the iZi Go Modular is lined with a beautifully soft material and includes a three part newborn insert. The insert has headspace reducers in the headrest, a body hugger and a baby cushion underneath to offer a lay flat position. From newborn up to 60cm or around 4 months, all three parts should be fitted. Once your baby reaches three months, then the reducers in the headrest will need to be removed, at 60cm, the baby cushion removing, and then at 65cm, the body hugger removing.

BeSafe have added a five-point harness in the iZi Go Modular, with the two shoulder straps each covered in a sumptuously thick pad. A magnet is hidden inside each pad which ingeniously holds the harness open for you when placed against the side of the seat. A small feature that makes all the difference in day-to-day use. With four different heights to move through, the harness is simple to adjust by pulling up the lever at the rear of the seat. To lengthen, there is a button at the front of the seat, with a strap to tighten again. The one touch buckle makes removing your child easier, and gives a nice click when it's all fastened.

If you would like to use the iZi Go Modular as part of your travel system, then the majority of big brands sell adaptors for you to use it on your chassis.

Our verdict...

At the top of the safety stakes, Besafe have created an infant carrier that complies with the i-Size regulations, looks great and keeps the child ultra comfy.

With the improvements made to the original car seat, you're left with something pretty close to perfect to carry your little one from birth up to 75cm. We love the oversized canopy, as it completely protects your child from the elements, which is great if you are using as part of a travel system. The inside of the iZi Go Modular is cushioned to the max to keep them comfortable, with the newborn insert adaptable for all sizes.

Even the i-Size base is quick and simple to fit, with the three sets of indicators ensuring that everything is installed correctly.

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