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Babyzen YOYO+ Review

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Babyzen YOYO+ Review
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Reviewed On: 26 Jan 2016
Sophie Bell
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There's a lot of features loaded onto the YOYO+, whether you have a baby, toddler or child. The four wheel suspension and soft drive system makes all the difference to the push and ride. As the seat is spacious enough, you can still use it as your child grows, and with the newborn pack or car seat, from birth. The Babyzen YOYO+ is a pushchair that is perfect for city life and travelling, while still providing a comfy place for your child to rest, and it really is lovely to push.

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What’s good
  • very lightweight
  • Compact
  • Stylish design
  • Lovely to push
What’s not so good
  • Static handlebar
  • No bumper bar
  • Static footrest
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Review Content

Babyzen YOYO+ Review

Babyzen was created by five men who wanted to design a light, practical pushchair that looked good. They've definitely achieved their goal with the YOYO+ and with style in abundance. The 2016 model has had some changes, which we're keen to checkout in our Babyzen YOYO+ review.

Colour Options

The Babyzen YOYO+ comes with a either a black or white chassis and the colour packs are Blue, Black, Red, Grey, Pink and Taupe.


As it's so small, there's no assembly required with the YOYO+. It arrives folded in its own storage bag, ready to show off its magical unfold. The unique styling of the YOYO+ is one of the main things that sets it apart from its competitors.

Though the handlebar on the YOYO+ isn't adjustable, it measures 106cm at its highest point, making it great for tall parents. Because of the curved shape it can be held lower if you find it comfortable - otherwise, it could still be a little high for people on the shorter side.

The white centred wheels have been updated with better rubber tyres with improved four wheel suspension and match either the black or white chassis perfectly. Though not designed for rough terrain, this gives a really smooth ride for you and the child in shops, on pavements and at the airport. There's no need for a front wheel lock thanks to the exclusive soft-drive system, which adapts to the surface you're travelling over, preventing the wheels from shaking.


The brake is a small red lever placed to the right hand side of the chassis. Push down, pull up, but it's not the easiest to see with the newborn pack in place.

Babyzen have increased the basket size on the YOYO+ by 60%! It's a great improvement, and now deeper allowing you to fit your changing bag underneath or a couple of shopping bags.


One of the best updates on the new YOYO+ is the ability to add your car seat to make a fully compatible travel system. The car seat adaptors can carry a range of infant carriers including Cybex, BeSafe and Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Pebble Plus and simply clip onto the sides of the frame, with a white button locking them into place. To remove again, just press the white button to release.


The padded and colour coded seat liner is thick and offers real comfort for little ones, reaching past the end of the seat to keep their legs away from anything hard. For additional storage, the seat has a little mesh pocket on the back. We like that you can purchase the colour packs separately, offering a fresh look for your pushchair or to use with subsequent children.

At 43cm, the seat back of the YOYO+ isn't among the biggest that we've seen, though there is plenty of clearance between the top of the seat and the hood if you have a tall toddler. There's plenty of width too with a surprising 34cm at the hip area of the seat. The frame of the YOYO+ has been reinforced on this latest model. The seat can now carry 18kg - right up to your average four year old!

A 5-point harness with shoulder pads and three height positions is fitted to keep your tot secure. The waist straps buckle to the shoulder straps and can be adjusted to increase the length. The two parts of the harness slide into the buckle together, with the one touch red button releasing it again. It is really quick and easy to get your child in and out.


To recline the seat, there is a single strap. Loosen to lower, tighten to get it back up. This does take both hands to operate when moving the seat up if the child is reclined. Though the recline is not fully flat, it's a nice position for an older baby or toddler to take their naps.

The hood of the YOYO+ features an additional pull out sun visor and a clear plastic area at the back so that you can keep tabs on your little one. Though not huge, it does offer plenty of shade to keep small faces protected from the sun. Because of the design, it's either down or back, rather than offering different positions. There's also a new zippered pocket on the back of the canopy which is large enough to keep the essentials secure and to hand.

The footrest is static, so can't be moved for a sleeping child. Made from plastic and connected to the frame, you can wipe it clean easily and it's ridged for better grip for little feet climbing in.

BABYZEN have done a great job with the raincover for the YOYO+. It is shaped near the bottom of the seat to provide good space for little legs and Velcros to the side of the chassis. It is also secured at the top with an elasticated rim and fits over the hood connectors to keep it in place. The length is also really good to provide coverage for an older toddler, all the way down to the footrest.

Newborn Pack

To keep a newborn cosy and parent facing, the newborn pack can be added to the YOYO+ chassis in place of the usual seat. Transforming the seat unit is a case of removing the seat fabrics and attaching the newborn pack with a series of straps and Velcro fasteners.

With the colour pack included, the newborn pack features a thick liner, removable fleece footmuff, head support and small hood. There's also a 5-point harness to keep them secure.


The hood is small, but will still make sure that the child's face is protected. Though you can't push the hood fully back, it can be pulled upright and kept in place with a popper at either side.

The size of the nest is 75 x 44cm, so in comparison to your standard carrycot, much bigger. Your newborn should be able to stay in there for the full six months, as recommended. For a small pushchair, we love that there is the option to have a lie flat, parent facing position to use from birth.

As a small pushchair, designed specifically for travelling and urban living, the YOYO+ is great on smooth surfaces. With the exclusive soft drive system, there's no need to lock the front swivel wheels as it manages the terrain automatically. BABYZEN have also improved the suspension on this model for any bumps in the road and it's lovely to push. The slight increase in weight on this model makes it that bit more substantial, while still being very light.

The YOYO+ is really slim at only 44 cm wide so it'll fit down the tightest of shop aisles.


Anyone that sees the Babyzen YOYO+ fold will be impressed, it's impossible not to be. It can be done one handed and seems almost like a magic trick as you throw it up in the air. But it is surprisingly easy once you work out how it's done.

To start the fold, press the white buttons on the inside of the handlebar (these used to be red) and fold the handlebar down, under the pushchair. If you are using the 6m+ seat, there are handy white circles on the fabric so you know where to press. Next reach under the back of the pushchair and press the red button and pull out the red lever. Grab hold of the silver bar and pick the whole lot up to fold it down. There's an automatic lock to keep it in place.


Measuring only 52 x 44 x 18, the YOYO+ will really fit into the smallest of spaces. If you have a car boot full of shopping, then don't worry about where to put your pushchair, as it will slide into your footwell. No room in your hallway, stick it in a cupboard. Coming with its own carry bag, it will be kept clean and it's also really easy to transport with the carry handle. This has also been upgraded with a new strap covering to make it comfier to hold.


To get the YOYO+ upright again, pull out the handlebar and release the automatic lock at the front of the pushchair. Then just shake the pushchair out and stand it firmly on the ground until you hear the reassuring click.


Since the launch of the original Babyzen YOYO, there have been many brands to release compact and small folding pushchairs. But the Babyzen YOYO+ still stands out in front with the ability to add the Newborn Pack or car seat to use it from birth. The quality is excellent, and it's beautifully designed. The aluminium chassis and high performance plastics make it only 6.2kg and very manoeuvrable.

The record breaking fold of only 52 x 44 x 18 cm means that storage is never a problem, whether you live in one bedroom flat, or have a small car. It can easily stand in your hallway, fit in the smallest of boots or sit next to you on the train. As it is IATA approved, with the whole folded package coming smaller than the cabin baggage dimensions, you can even take it on board with you to store in the overhead compartment on a plane. This makes travelling with young children so much easier, as there's no waiting in line for your pushchair to come off the conveyor belt!

There's a lot of features loaded onto the YOYO+, whether you have a baby, toddler or child. The four wheel suspension and soft drive system makes all the difference to the push and ride. As the seat is spacious enough, you can still use it as your child grows, and with the newborn pack or car seat, from birth.

The Babyzen YOYO+ is a pushchair that is perfect for city life and travelling, while still providing a comfy place for your child to rest, and it really is lovely to push.

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