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BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review

Review Overview

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review
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Last updated: 21 Nov 2022
Jo Studholme
Expert Reviewer
Jo's Verdict:

We first reviewed the Oyster3 Stroller by BabyStyle back in 2018 when it took the pushchair market by storm. This storm has been gathering momentum ever since and we thought it was about time to get our hands on this popular travel system to see whether it still had the DNA to wow parents despite there being other brands hot on their tail, looking to usurp the popularity of the Oyster. Since 2018, there have been upgrades, fitting for a pushchair brand that wants to keep ahead of its rivals in an ever competitive and busy market. But in 2022, will the Oyster 3 stroller still have the power to wow us years later - or are there new kids on the block who have taken this spotlight? We put it under scrutiny to find out more.

Review Summary


The Oyster 3 Stroller bundles offer parents everything they need to transport a baby from A to B, the Essential, Luxury and Ultimate bundles even include the car seat. BabyStyle really has thought of everything and their comprehensive bundle options teamed with a sought-after product at a good price makes considering the Oyster 3 a no brainer for a lot of parents. We love the regular changes in fabrics to help make you stand out from the crowd with a pushchair that is already incredibly popular amongst parents. The subtle changes to the Oyster 3 including the upgraded fabrics and revolutionary buckle gives parents the reassurance that BabyStyle is a brand they can trust to develop their pushchairs to attempt stay one step ahead of the competition. We suspect that the Oyster 3 strollers, especially when in a bundle, will remain a firm favourite with parents for some time.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Stroller
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What’s good
  • Excellent lie flat position for newborns
  • Great value bundles available
  • Clever magnetic buckle and adjustable harness system
  • Simple to use, especially the fold
  • Available in a wide range of colour options
What’s not so good
  • Basket not the prettiest
  • Oyster branding on the changing bag could be made more subtle
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Review Content

Review // BabyStyle Oyster 3 Stroller
Oyster 3 Bundles

There are a number of ways of purchasing the Oyster 3 ranging from the Stroller on its own to some pretty comprehensive bundles. These bundles make pushchair shopping for parents really easy - just pick the bundle that you want rather than having to trail through lots of accessories individually. We are reviewing their Luxury Bundle - their middle bundle option which includes the stroller and carrycot, raincovers, footmuff, changing bag, car seat adapters, iSize infant carrier (Oyster Capsule) and ISOFIX base (duofix). This really is everything that you will need but if you want to upgrade to their Ultimate Bundle you get some nice added extras such as a seat liner, parasol and cup holder to really give you everything you need and more.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Essential Bundle Moon
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Luxury Bundle Moon
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Ultimate Bundle Moon

The Oyster 3 Stroller is easy to put together, no PHD qualifications needed here (although you may find the comprehensive instructions useful if this is the first pushchair you have put together!) Pop the four wheels on which audibly click into place, pop the seat unit on the chassis adding the bumper bar and visor to the hood and you are pretty much ready to go off on your adventures. 

We have been sent the Oyster 3 in Moon on the new polished grey chassis but there are a number of colour options available and BabyStyle are known to launch lots of options throughout the year, an element that we love given that the Oyster 3 is so popular with parents, meaning there is an option to suit everyone. Even if your friend also has an Oyster 3 there is a high chance that they will have a different colour to you anyway!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Colours

The new polished grey chassis is stunning - it has a high end finish to it and is eye catching without being in your face. The Oyster 3 logo can be found on the sides along with a Union Jack flag symbolising where BabyStyle is located and the stroller is designed. There is an Oyster logo where the handle joins the main chassis which has a circular and shiny outline to match the shiny finish on the wheels. There are few rivets to be seen as these are largely hidden on the inside of the chassis but these are a deep grey / black to tone with the finish of the chassis.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Chassis

The Oyster 3 is a four wheeled stroller, each wheel has 5 spokes in dark grey whilst the rims are a shiny black finish adding to the upmarket feel of this most recent Oyster 3 launch - they almost look like alloy wheels! All 4 wheels are of a decent size suggesting that this stroller  will fare well in the towns and cities, but will also work well across parkland too. The back wheels are 28cm and easily removable by pressing the centre of the wheel to release. The front, swivel wheels are 19cm and again easily removable by pressing the button located behind the wheel fixing. 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Wheels
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Wheels 2

If you are crossing rougher terrain and need to lock your front wheels, you can lock both wheels in one easy movement, by sliding the lever located at the front of the chassis under the footrest. This really is very quick and simple to do and as your hands are well away from the wheels, your fingers should remain clean too. The tyres are made from a mixture of PU and EVA, to give a smooth ride across multiple terrains. In addition, there is a decent amount of suspension on all four wheels of the Oyster 3 but in particular at the back to aid kerb popping and ensure a smooth ride for your little one. The Oyster 3 pushes well across multiple terrains and in our opinion is a great option for ‘normal’ family days out whether you are shopping in town or meeting friends in the park.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Front Wheel Lock

At the rear of the chassis you will find the brake, an easy on-off motion by pressing the brake pedal - a very flip-flop friendly brake that certainly won’t ruin even the most delicate of shoes. At the front of the chassis is a useful footplate which has a metal finish to it with the Oyster logo imprinted into it along with rubber strips to aid grip for your little one.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Brake 2
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Brake
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footplate

The basket on the Oyster 3 is always black - a practical colour. If we had to be critical, it would be nice to see it corresponding with the colour of the fabrics, even if just a little trim around the edges. The basket is of a really decent size and will hold up to 3kg of baby essentials. There is a useful pocket at the front, perfect to store a spare nappy and wipes or even your raincover. Our only niggle with the basket is the rather large Oyster 3 wording on it and we would have liked it to be more subtle and in keeping with the rest of the pushchair. This basket is practical and easily accessible whether using the carrycot or seat, but it is not the prettiest on the market!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Basket 2
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Basket 3

The handle on the Oyster 3 Stroller is covered in a black leatherette with a dimpled finish. It is soft and padded to the touch and will be comfortable on the hands even if you are pushing for long periods of time. The black finish on the handle corresponds with the finish on the bumper bar when you are using the Oyster 3 in pushchair mode. The handle has 4 height adjustments ranging from 102cm to 111cm, more than adequate for the shorter or taller people amongst us. On either side of the handle are two knobs which you can use to hang your Oyster 3 backpack from.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Handlebar Low
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Handlebar High
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Handlebar Detail

The Oyster 3 stroller  is safety tested from birth up to 22kg meaning that the Oyster 3 may be the only pushchair you ever need as it will last right up to toddlerhood when with a bit of luck, your little one will no longer need a pushchair. Looks wise, the Oyster 3 is a nice looking pushchair when in seat mode but we wanted to see whether practicality ran alongside its good looks!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Seat

The seat on the Oyster 3 can be either world or parent facing and it is incredibly easy to swap over. We love the fact that the stroller can be folded with the seat in both directions (but more about this shortly!) Located beneath the seat material is a handle (loop of webbing) which when pulled up releases the seat from the chassis - clever! You can either take it off and fold for storage or position it in the opposite direction simply by lining the seat up with the central hubs on the chassis. It really is incredibly simple and user friendly. 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Parent Facing
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review World Facing
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Seat Release Strap

The seat on the Oyster 3 can be used from birth but we have found that most people will opt for the carrycot for the first 6 months or use the seat in conjunction with the carrycot depending what they are doing. We love the flexibility of having a from birth seat unit but would always encourage parents to use a carry cot if their budgets and lifestyle allows. For some however, they just will not have the space for the carrycot in their car.

If you are using the seat unit from birth we would always recommend that this is parent facing so that you have a good view of your newborn. Any child, whether a newborn or a toddler must use the harness. This is a little tricky for a newborn as initially they are so small and ‘curled up’ having been in the womb for so long! The layflat position of the Oyster 3 is almost 180 degrees - optimum for a newborn and a lovely position compared to some other pushchairs which are suitable for use from newborn. When used in conjunction with the footmuff during those colder months, this does result in a nice snug area for your baby. However be warned that during the summer months, the sides of the seat are quite open so your baby will be exposed to the elements.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Recline
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Recline 2
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Reclined Footmuff

As your little one grows you will of course need to alter the recline of the Oyster 3 and this is very simple to do. On the rear of the seat there is a lever that you use to recline or sit the seat unit up to the desired position. There are 3 recline positions in both the rear facing and parent facing set ups. As mentioned previously, the most reclined position is suitable for newborns and would be equally comfortable for a sleeping toddler. The footrest is also adjustable to 3 positions by depressing the buttons on either side. In addition you can pop the underneath up to give little ones legs a completely flat position - we really like this feature. There is also a very handy little pocket beneath the foot rest - just big enough for your phone and keys should you need it. This is a nice little touch which most pushchairs do not have.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Recline Button
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footrest
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footrest 2

The harness is superbly designed and the recent phase of the Oyster 3 sees the clever magnetic harness included across the range. We have seen a magnetic harness appear on some launches from other manufacturers but we believe that BabyStyle were the first to launch to market - and as we have grown to expect, they lead the market with clever innovation. To undo the harness, squeeze together the two light grey sections - we have to admit that this is quite stiff but having had houdini toddlers, this is not a bad thing! Once you have released the front part of the harness, the straps can easily be pulled away from the back of the harness. To do the harness up again simply ensure that you have slid the waist harness part onto the shoulder straps and then place it near the buckle - the strong magnets will snap it into place. You then place the front of the harness on top and again the strong magnets will quickly secure it in place. You can not undo the harness now without squeezing the light grey buttons. Genius!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Harness
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Harness Buckle

As well as the clever design of the buckle, the Oyster 3 maintains its clever adjustable harness system - no rethreading of your harness needed as your little one grows! At the base of the hood you will find two buttons - press these in and pull the hood up (or push it down), it simultaneously moves the harness AND the hood either up or down, giving you four different height options. We absolutely LOVE this feature as the seat literally grows with your child allowing for more headroom as they get taller. 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Headrest
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Hood Height

Almost all pushchairs now come with a bumper bar (or you can purchase them as an additional accessory). We are pleased to see the Oyster 3 bumper bar is included. It is finished in a leatherette which matches the handle bar. It is both swivel and gate opening and incredibly easy to use. 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Bumper Bar
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Bumper Bar 2

The fabrics on the Oyster 3 are can only be described as lovely - the latest release of the Oyster 3 saw a slight change in the fabrics - we have the Moon colourway in for review and this is a light grey marl finish. The fabrics are sponge wash if you really need to although we would envisage that most light soiling will simply rub off with a baby wipe! The integral headrest is particularly soft and padded, the rest of the fabrics are less soft but durable and very practical - just what parents need.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Headrest 2

Finally on to the canopy or the hood as many people call it. The canopy has two sections to it in its original form but you can unzip a third section to make this a larger covering for your little one. The canopy is of an ample size, is UPF50+ and has a pop out visor to offer more protection - we envisage that parents will just leave this out the majority of the time. The back section can be folded back to reveal a  ventilation window- a nice and necessary touch on hot days. The canopy is UPF 50++ but naturally make sure that you still use sun cream for your little one and keep them away from the sun as much as possible.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Hood Extended 2
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Hood Extended
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Hood Ventilation Panel

We always consider the raincover when we review a pushchair as, living in the UK, this is an important element as it tends to rain pretty regularly. The Oyster 3 includes a raincover for the seat unit (and a separate one for the carrycot which we will discuss shortly) - and is usefully labelled as stroller or carrycot on the label to ensure that you do not get mixed up. The Oyster 3 raincover fits nicely on the pushchair either in the upright or laid back position. We love the way it fixes to the pushchair using a simple poppered elastic that goes behind the seat unit - so many raincovers are hard to secure in place, especially if the heavens open and you have to do it quickly. BabyStyle have really nailed their simple attachment of the raincover making it very parent-friendly. The raincover itself is made from durable PVC and is very soft. It has black piping around the edge and is well finished - all round a very good raincover.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Seat Raincover

The majority of people will buy the Oyster 3 as part of a bundle and this includes the carrycot. A carrycot is in our eyes the optimum place for a baby to be for those initial months. A big plus point for this carrycot is that you can use it for overnight sleeping although most will use this for daytime supervised sleep and use a crib during the night - it is perfect as a downstairs sleeping option and one that your baby is (hopefully) used to sleeping in during the day. 

The carrycot is easy to construct out of the box, just unzip the liner and pull the three support rods into place. Zip the liner back up, add the mattress, secure the apron and you are ready to go.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Header 2
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Inside

It is easy to fit the carrycot to the chassis and even easier to remove. Lower the carrycot onto the left and right attachment devices until you hear an audible click. To remove, hold the carrycot by the handle with one hand, and with the other pull the handle that is at the head of the carrycot just below the hood and lift. It really is simple! One thing that you will notice at this stage is just how well balanced the carrycot is - removing the carrycot is absolutely seamless!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Removal
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Removal 2

On the underside of the carrycot, you will notice curved runners which will allow you to gently rock the carrycot whilst it is on the floor - a very useful feature if you are trying to get little one to sleep indoors as they will find the rocking motion very soothing. However as your baby gets older and starts moving more in the carrycot, this movement may waken them so there are four feet, one in each corner, which can be flipped out to make the base stable.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Rocking Base
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Feet

The hood on the carrycot matches the apron whilst the base of the carrycot is black (some special editions may have different colours). The hood comes to 90 degrees and sits neatly whether it is folded down or in the upright position. To fold simply depress the buttons on either side - the hood moves silently so no risk of waking a sleeping baby. At the base of the hood you have the option to pull the fabrics up to reveal a ventilation window. Although not secured with magnets, the fabric is quite tight so it still maintains the shape of the carrycot and nice lines even with the ventilation area on show.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Hood
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Hood Back
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Ventilation Panel

The foot of the carrycot is covered by a zip on apron which poppers in place on either side. We did find the poppers quite tricky to secure, especially if you have cold fingers or are wearing gloves in those winter months - we envisage that lots of parents just won’t do them up! The apron is a soft material and is substantially lined to ensure no draughts for your newborn. The apron also curves upwards allowing your baby lots of ‘kicking’ space - an element that we love as it also looks aesthetically pleasing. However, we did find that this did not always sit evenly after some use which may annoy some people.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Apron

The Oyster 3 carrycot comes with its own raincover and is conveniently labelled Oyster 3 carrycot so you won’t get it mixed up with the seat unit raincover. Made from the same material as the seat raincover and with the same black piping, we had high hopes for this and it did not disappoint. The Oyster 3 carrycot raincover is durable and also looks as nice as any raincover can when in situ on the carrycot. There are ventilation holes at either side and a velcro panelled sedition which you can lift up to give you easy access to the handle. The raincover is secured onto the chassis using two elastic ties which popper around the carrycot mounting struts. The coverage offered with the Oyster 3 carrycot raincover is superb - even the base of the carrycot is covered (lots only cover the top leaving the sides exposed). Absolutely no complaints here!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Carrycot Raincover

The Oyster 3 has one of the easiest folds available for a stroller of this size. You can fold it with or without the seat unit on but you do have to remove the carrycot if you are using this option. We say it is easy but let’s take a look at just how easy…

Folding just the chassis on its own

Lower the handle to its lowest position and pull the two triggers on the underside of the chassis towards you to unlock the chassis. Simply lift and push the handle forwards and lower towards the front wheels. Place your hands on either side of the chassis where the central attachment area is and gently lift - the back wheels will swing in and the chassis will close and automatically lock. The chassis will self stand. To unfold, stand behind the pushchair and release the locking clip by pulling it away from the frame, lift the handle and flick the wheels out in front of you. Once practised this will become one seamless manoeuvre!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Chassis Fold

Folding the seat world facing

This is very simple to do and whilst for many pushchairs we take the seat off even if it will fold with it in situ, for the Oyster 3 we envisage that most will leave it on - it really is that simple! Using the recline lever on the back of the seat, pull up and flip the seat forwards. Lower the handle to its lowest position and pull the two triggers towards you to unlock the chassis. Lift and push the handle forwards and lower towards the front wheels. Place your hands on either side of the chassis where the central attachment area is and gently lift - the back wheels will swing in and the chassis will close and automatically lock. Most people will use the carry handle on the back of the seat to pull up and lock the chassis together. The chassis will also self stand. To unfold, stand behind the pushchair and release the locking clip by pulling it away from the frame, lift the handle and flick the wheels out in front of you.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Fold Seat Forward

Folding with the seat parent facing

This is simple to do as you would expect although unfolding is not quite as slick! Using the recline lever on the back of the seat, pull up and flip the seat towards you and then move the whole seat back to the front wheels. Lower the handle to it’s lowest position and pull the two triggers towards you to unlock the chassis. Lift and push the handle forwards and lower towards the front wheels. Using the central handle located on the bottom of the seat, lift this up and gravity will fold the pushchair. We found it easier to stand at the side of the pushchair whilst doing this. This will also self stand in this mode! To unfold, unlock the clip and lift the handle - it is slightly harder to get the wheels to roll out smoothly in this mode but it is doable with practice!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Fold Seat Parent Facing

What else can you expect from the Oyster 3 Stroller Luxury Bundle?

In the Luxury Bundle - the most popular way of purchasing theOyster 3 you also get a number of accessories which we will take a closer look at. As we have grown to expect from BabyStyle, their bundles offer items that parents would have otherwise potentially bought separately so buying as a bundle makes it more cost effective for parents, especially at a time when every penny counts for many of us.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Luxury Bundle Moon

The footmuff comes in the corresponding colour to match your pushchair and backpack bag. Generally we often find that ‘included’ footmuffs can be rather mediocre so we didn’t necessarily have high hopes for this one. However, we were wrong. It would be very tricky to use a universal footmuff on the Oyster 3 due to the design of the seat unit so we are relieved that the footmuff lives up to expectations.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footmuff

The Oyster 3 footmuff has a hole on the back so that it fits neatly around the head support. You then have to thread the straps and crotch strap through the corresponding holes. Admittedly this is quite tight and we imagine parents may be concerned that they will stretch the fabrics or even worse pull the stitching out. However with a little force, we managed it!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footmuff Headrest

When on the stroller, the footmuff certainly sits nicely in the seat unit and looks great. The material is thick, padded and is lined with a super soft velour. At the base of the footmuff on the inside, the velour is replaced with a very practical wipe clean surface - obviously designed by a parent who knows that toddlers often have wet or muddy shoes and boots, and then want to hop in and out of the pushchair. We would have liked this to have been carried on on the back of the footmuff though as we would envisage that this area could get more dirty. However, this would not have looked quite so ‘pretty’ so we can understand why it was not included. The front of the footmuff can be unzipped and removed completely leaving you with a pushchair liner, an element we found most useful. The front of the footmuff has a lip which you can either lift up to snuggle your little one in even more, or you can put it around the bumper bar. There is a magnet on either side to secure it in place.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footmuff Wipeable
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footmuff Liner
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Footmuff Over Bumper

The Oyster 3 bundles have always included a changing bag which in the past could best be described as spacious and practical - it was a messenger bag style and certainly did every thing it needed too BUT was lacking in finesse and style for those more fashion conscious parents amongst us. We were so pleased to see that the latest Oyster 3 pushchairs now have a backpack , something parents have been asking for for some time. The backpack can be used on your bag as you would expect, or you can hang it on your pushchair chassis using the two plastic molding hooks situated just below the leatherette handle bar. 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Backpack on Hooks

Let’s take a close look at the bag, after all this is one item that you are going to be using daily potentially for a few years! 

We love the styling of the new Oyster 3 backpacks which are generally very well received by mums and dads alike. The front has a decent sized pocket with leatherette Oyster detailing on the front, big enough for your phone, purse keys and a spare dummy or two! The opening to the main backpack is very large, an element that we love. You will end up looking for all sorts of things in your bag and easy and quick access is key when you have a screaming baby! Inside is fully lined with wipe clean polyester so super practical and it comes with a decent sized, padded and wipe clean changing mat which can be neatly stored in the larger of the pockets. At the front you will find two useful netted pockets. 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Backpack
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Review Backpack Large Pocket

We really love the new Oyster 3 backpack and like the subtle Oyster branding on the zip pull and on the front pocket of the bag. Styling wise we are less keen on the big white Oyster lettering on the side of the bag and if we had to be very picky we would have liked to have seen a thermal pocket on the inside to keep bottles cold. Little feet on the base of the bag would have also helped to keep this area clean too. However, the new backpack  is a massive step forward from the boxy bag that was available previously!

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Backpack
Car Seat Adaptors

These are very easy to use and simply slot in place on either side of the chassis. There is a small grey button to release them. The car seat adapters are compatible with the Oyster Capsule Car Seat which is an iSize seat (see below), as well as various seats from other brands including Peg Perego, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Besafe and Britax, (correct at time of publication but always ask for the most up to date information when purchasing).

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Car Seat Adaptors
Oyster Capsule (i-Size) Car Seat

Since the launch of the BabyStyle Oyster 3 a few years ago, we have always been pleased that within the bundles they decided to include an i-Size car seat as until recently this was not the norm. An i-Size seat (also known as R129) meets the latest set of car seat regulations and means that it has gone through far more testing than an R44 (or non i-Size) seat.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Capsule in Car

The Capsule is suitable from 40cm to 85cm meaning it should last your baby until they reach between 12 and 15 months. It has a weight limit of 13kg which should also be taken into consideration. The seat comes with a fair amount of padding including substantial padding and support around the head area. Many parents may panic that their baby’s head is squashed and perceive that they have a baby with a ‘large’ head - however we have found that the extra padding in this seat will not last long but is particularly useful should you have a petite baby or premature baby (as long as they meet the minimum length of 40cm of course). The main insert will come out when your little one reaches approximately 60cm which will allow them to sit further back in the seat as they grow. The harness is adjustable (just squeeze the light grey button and you can move the harness to the required position) and it should sit either on your baby’s shoulders or slightly below - never above.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Capsule Insert
BabyStyle Oyster 3 Capsule Harness

The Capsule can be either belted in the car or you can use the Oyster  Duofix ISOFIX base (see below). It is easy to fasten in the car using the seat belt but always read the instructions very carefully before doing so of course. One point to mention is that the handle should be in the forwards position if using the seat belt or using the Capsule on its ISOFIX (duofix) base.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Belt Fitted

The Capsule Infant Carrier is easy to fit on the chassis of your pushchair in conjunction with the car seat adapters. Just lower it carefully onto the adapters and push down until you hear an audible click. To remove, press down on the two grey buttons on either side of the seat and lift away. This is quite tricky with a heavy baby in situ and we found it easy to release one side and then the other whilst gently tipping the seat towards you.

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Capsule Car Seat
Duofix ISOFIX Base

This is included in the Luxury Bundle and most parents like to use an ISOFIX base if it is compatible with their car seat, car and naturally if their budgets allow. The duofix base is easy to fit in your car and comes with clear instructions. Simply affix the ISOFIX points until you see the green indicator and drop the support leg to the floor, again looking out for the green indicator. Always follow the instructions very carefully when fitting a car seat as it is imperative that you get it correct! 

BabyStyle Oyster 3 Duofix Base

Tech specs









height min:


height max:



2 yrs




Urban, All-terrain

Seat config:



Car-seat-compatible, Free-standing-when-folded, One-piece-fold, Sliding-harness, Lie-flat-seat



Suitable for:

From birth, Up to 22kg



Our price:
£ 559 . 00
Our price: £ 559 . 00

0% finance from £186.33 p/m

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