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BabyStyle Oyster Lite Review

Review Overview

BabyStyle Oyster Lite Review
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Reviewed On: 18 Mar 2016
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
Sophie's Verdict:

Packing a lot into a modest sized package, meet the BabyStyle Oyster Lite.

Review Summary


If you're short on space but don't want to skip on a full-sized pushchair's features, then check out the Oyster Lite.

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What’s good
  • Generous seat size
  • Compact fold
  • Large hood
  • Decent shopping basket
  • Can be used as a travel system
What’s not so good
  • Strap recline
  • Hood doesn't click into position

Review Content

BabyStyle Oyster Lite Review

BabyStyle now offer a pushchair for all lifestyles, whether you are after a tandem, double, traditional or luxury. We're taking a look at their offering of a lightweight pushchair, in the form of the BabyStyle Oyster Lite.

Assembling the Oyster Lite out of the box does require a few steps to get everything set up, but the instructions are very clear with diagrams and text, making it simple to do.

Though a very light pushchair with alumunium frame, weighing only 6.9kg, the Oyster Light is deceiving as still offers a spacious, wide seat and large hood. A full sized pushchair, it has nearly all of the features you could need, whilst being comfortable for the child.

With our tester standing at 5" 6', the handlebar height was just right, but it isn't adjustable to suit. Covered with a rubber coated foam, it's soft and comfortable to hold, and there are small hooks on the outside to hang a BabyStyle changing bag from.

Two smaller front wheels lead the way, with larger wheels on the back. As the front wheels are lockable they can keep in a straight line if you are going over bumps and there is slight suspension on the front offering a bit more comfort for the child. The tyres are a soft plastic, which have a little bounce, but are likely to pick up marks from bits of gravel or stones as you travel.


The brake runs the full width of the pushchair in a long metal bar with pedals at either side. This makes it easy to push down for on, pull up for off anywhere along its length.

As the Oyster Light is likely to be a pushchair kept in the boot for shopping trips, it's nice to see a good sized basket on the underside. It's easily accessed from the rear and even the sides, and you can still get to it with the seat completely reclined. The sides of the basket are mesh, with the back being elasticated for even better access.

You can purchase adaptors which enable you to add your infant carrier to the Oyster Light chassis. These range in price depending on your car seat brand, but offer the flexibility of a travel system.

The seat size is generous enough to last your toddler at 46cm tall by 25cm wide and 32cm deep. The five point harness has three different height positions and can be adjusted independently on the shoulder straps and the waist straps. As the shoulder straps clip on to the waist straps, each side fastens into the buckle and it's a one touch button to release again.


To recline the seat, there is a strap mechanism on the back. Push the button and pull down to lay flat and then pull apart the two straps to get it back up. A better recline mechanism would be great.

Though usually an extra, the Oyster Light comes with a drink holder or snack area attached to the bumper bar. This is a great idea to help keep your toddler occupied and fed while you are out and about. The bumper slots on to each side of the chassis and fully gate opens out of the way for quick access to your child.

Both the hood and seat liner are purchased separately as part of the colour pack. The hood doesn't seem overly large at first glance, but if you reach under the metal rim at the edge, an additional panel pulls much further out. We like the styling of the aluminium rim, but it doesn't lock into position so can be moved forwards or backwards by the child. There are two mesh panels on the side of the hood, with an additional panel that unzips on the back. In warmer weather, this panel can be rolled up and secured with a toggle to increase air circulation. When the panel is down, there is little pocket to keep either your phone or purse to hand. A magnetic secured flap keeps the peekaboo window open or closed so that you can keep an eye on your little one.

There are two positions for the footrest, down and then horizontal for naps when you pull out the bar underneath. This is a simple but effective way of adjusting the footrest. There's also a nice and wide, ridged footwell for older children to rest their feet in.


Like many lightweight pushchairs these days, the fold on the Oyster Lite is done by folding back on itself, and it is possible to do with one hand. First take off the red locking clip on the right hand side of the pushchair, push back the hood and pull out the chassis folding strap from the slit in the centre of the seat liner. If you want to make the fold smaller, you can remove the bumper bar from the frame. Making sure that the wheels are at the correct angle, it will freestand and there's a plastic lock to put on the side, which keeps it firmly together. To get back up again, you need to take the lock off, and pull the handlebar up until you hear it click.


The BabyStyle fits a lot into it's 6.9kg frame. The seat size isn't compromised at all for a lightweight stroller, and actually offers the child plenty of space. Little extras like the cup holder and the ventilated hood all adding to the comfort of the child and parent usability.

It feels sturdy to push and yet the fold is compact and freestanding, and simple to achieve one-handed. As the seat lies completely flat, with the footrest coming up horizontal, it's a lovely position for either a baby or toddler to sleep in.

We weren't so keen on the strap recline, but for everything that it includes, it's great value for money. The basket is a great size and will fit your changing bag and shopping bags in, all the while being easily accessed.

If you're short on space but don't want to skip on a full-sized pushchair's features, then check out the Oyster Lite.

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