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BabyStyle Oyster 2 2016 Review

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BabyStyle Oyster 2 2016 Review
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Reviewed On: 06 Sep 2016
Sophie Bell
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4.5 / 5

Review Summary


The Oyster 2 2016 Facelift is a good all-rounder that boasts the look of a premium, luxury pushchair without putting too much strain on your purse strings. The array of seating options and the fact that it is travel system compatible adds a few more strings to the Oyster 2's bow.

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What’s good
  • Quality new fabrics
  • Large shopping basket
  • Great world and parent facing seating options
  • Nifty hidden storage in the seat and basket
What’s not so good
  • Exposed seat design for younger babies
  • Colour pack additional
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Review Content

BabyStyle Oyster 2 2016 Review
Pushchair Review

BabyStyle are pros at producing classic and contemporary prams and pushchairs. The Oyster range has been in existence for a few years now, since 2009, offering a luxury looking pushchair on a budget that won't break the bank. The popular and well-known Oyster 2 pushchair has undergone a facelift for 2016 with brand new fabrics and sumptuous new colours.

Colour Options

There are 9 available colours for the Oyster 2 2016 Facelift:

Deep Topaz, Oxford Blue, Tango Red, Wow Pink, Wild Purple, Pure Silver, Tungsten Grey, Ink Black, Olive Green as well as special editions City Grey and City Bronze.


The Oyster 2 comes compact in one neat little box - it's pretty much a doddle to pop the wheels onto the chassis and click the seat unit on. The instructions are clear and easy to follow but many won't even need to use them.

You might notice that the Oyster 2 doesn't come complete with a hood on the seat unit, that's because you need to purchase your colour pack separately and this contains the hood, liner, head hugger and apron for the seat unit, in whichever lovely colour you desire. The colour pack comes complete in a handy little tote bag that cleverly coordinates with your pushchair colour pack so you can make use of it! Just grab out the hood and zip it on and click the clamps to the sides of the seat frame, thread the harness straps through the padded seat liner (be patient as this can take 5 minutes!) and the seat is ready and waiting for its new pushchair passenger.


Once up, the brand spanking new pushchair oozes prestige and style and is quite simply just a very good looking pushchair. We tested the Mirror finish chassis which looks divine in the sparkle of the sunlight and it was set off beautifully by the natural tones of our Olive Green colour pack.


The continuous bar handlebar on the Oyster 2 is covered in lovely leatherette material and you can choose from tan or black colours depending on your own personal preference. The handlebar feels soft to hold and the feel of the leatherette really gives that extra ‘umph' to that feeling of pride when you're pushing the Oyster 2 along. The handlebar extends by squeezing the central button and can extend from 94cm to 106cm. We had people from 5'4" to 6'2" push the Oyster 2 and everyone found it perfectly comfortable.


The oh-so important wheels emulate the mirror chassis with their sparkling chrome effect high-shine hubs adding that little bit of glamour as you roll. The wheels themselves won't give you any headaches with worrying about punctures as they are made of a dense solid material. They do however tend to pick up grit and gravel quite easily as you roll.

The front wheels swivel effortlessly or can easily be locked off by pressing the two large buttons either side of the footrest - if you need to go over slightly bumpy ground or cobbles. BabyStyle are certainly keen to secure the Oyster 2's place in the market as a great all-round pushchair so all four wheels of the Oyster 2 boast cantilever suspension to take you everywhere you need to go and up and down those city kerbs as easy as pie. That said, the ride can feel a bit rickety on occasion, perhaps down to the solid nature of the wheels.


The brake on the Oyster 2 is reassuringly simple to use. The central brake pedal is large enough to see but small enough not to trip on - it's sturdy and whether uphill or down dale, it didn't once skip a beat during its test session with us.

Your face will beam ear to ear when you see the size of the basket on the Oyster 2. There's no need to hang piles of bags from your pushchair handle and make it topple over as the Oyster 2 basket is HUGE! We have managed to pack it full of bags, toys, wellies, coats and general mummy gummidge and were really pleased with the amount it was able to hold.

The chassis of the Oyster 2 isn't just compatible with the Oyster 2 seat unit, it can also be used as part of a travel system by attaching the Oyster car seat. It is also compatible with both Britax BabySafe and SHR II, Maxi-Cosi Pebble/Cabrio Fix/Citi models, BeSafe iZi Go and the Cybex Aton 2 & 3 car seats. You will need to purchase the car seat adapters from £15 and then the car seat will safely and securely click into place on the chassis for quick trips whilst trying not to wake baby!

Whichever chassis you choose, be it Mirror Finish or Satin Black, you are sure to be pleased with the snazzy look that the Oyster 2 chassis offers.


First things first, let's talk about the sumptuous new facelift fabrics of the Oyster 2 - they are simply lovely! The thick weave fabric lined with a soft brushed material gives that extra ‘wow' to the seat unit of the Oyster 2 with their quality feel and gorgeous naturally inspired colours. The detailing in the zips and branding feels quite luxurious for such an affordable pushchair. The nine available colours and two special editions are really spot on with the latest trends and will have you and baby looking catwalk ready. If you've chosen to go for the Satin Black chassis, it would be nice to be able to match the seat frame with that, rather than just the silver frame.

The seat itself is a nice size. Its solid shell is 30cm wide and 26cm deep. When reclined, with the footrest up, the full laying length of the seat is 85cm! The seat back size is 49cm, which is great for babies and smaller toddlers but larger toddlers may find their little heads brushing on the canopy.


The 5 point harness is easy to use and is adjustable via the different height slots in the seat unit - as with threading the liner initially - be patient, this can be a fiddly fix for a busy mum on the run!


The Oyster 2 comes complete with a sleek looking leatherette bumper bar with debossed Oyster branding in either tan or black to compliment the handlebar on your chassis. The bumper bar is gate opening so there's no need to remove it totally when getting baby in and out of the seat but you do need to remove the bumper bar completely in order to fold the pushchair - it's a case of practice makes perfect with the clips to take the bumper off. They are a little fiddly but nothing that a bit of patience won't sort.


The Oyster 2 boasts a world and parent facing seat, you just squeeze the two plastic buttons on either side of the seat unit in tandem and then lift the seat to click it in whichever position you require.


In both forward and rearward positions, the recline on the Oyster 2 is great. Little ones can lie nice and flat and curious toddlers can be as nosey as they like with the upright seating position. There are a few resting positions in between as well. To achieve your desired recline, just pull the plastic lever which is positioned in the centre of the backrest of the seat and pull or push the seat back until you feel it click into place.


The seat has an adjustable leg rest which can be popped up to a vertical position to give babies a space to rest their legs so they are laid completely flat in the event of a little nap.

The hood on the Oyster 2 doesn't just sit pretty with its lush facelift fabrics, it feels sturdy too. The strong hood rods give the hood a great shape and the zip panel gives a whole lot of extra coverage for your little one to nestle under.

On colder days you needn't spoil the image of your stylish Oyster 2 as you can go all matchy-matchy with the addition of a coordinated apron. The apron fits the seat perfectly as it is especially designed for the Oyster 2 and will perfectly coordinate with the hood of your pushchair. The outer of the apron is made from the all-new, great quality, thick woven fabric of the rest of the pushchair colour packs.


Whilst we're on the subject of matchy-matchy, you can go the whole hog with the Oyster 2. The Oyster 2 changing bag can be purchased in your chosen coordinating colour and is a great size. The clever thing about the Oyster 2 changing bag is that the bag clips to the in-built hooks on the pushchair chassis without a fuss - it hangs in the perfect position so that your pushchair seat can recline fully and the bag won't be bouncing off your little ones head as you stroll. It hangs at the perfect height to grab bottles and snacks whilst on the go and feels strong enough to last those first few years of your little ones life as an everyday changing bag.  


The raincover that is included in the box fits nicely without a fuss - you won't need to spend 10 minutes getting soaked in a downpour before you achieve the success of covering your little one from the rain, it can be slipped over the seat in a few seconds. If you're lucky enough to avoid the showers then the raincover packs away into its own little storage compartment at the front of the basket so as not to encroach on valuable storage space.


For sunnier days, the clever Oyster 2 has a secret zippered compartment underneath its leg rest where an in-built sunshield/ insect net lives. Just roll the net up and pop it over your hood to shade your babe on those Great British sunshiny days.

The seat unit doesn't have very deep sides, so if using from birth, you will probably want to consider using the Oyster 2 with the carrycot. The carrycot is purchased separately and comes as standard in Black, but you can purchase a carrycot colour pack too to match the rest of your pushchair. The mattress is super softly lined in breathable fabric as well as coming with a removable mattress. The hood on the carrycot clicks into place and the strong, solid hood bar acts as a carry handle. The apron and hood for the carrycot are made of the same glorious fabrics with the same great attention to detail as that of the main seat unit.


When stood at the handlebar of the Oyster 2, you will definitely get that ‘proud to push' feeling. The seat unit sits nice and highly on the wheels and the whole package feels perfectly balanced.

It's easy to push around town and the swivel wheels nip brilliantly around shop aisles and down bus gangways. When you hit the cobbles and gravel paths, you may notice a slight difference in the push of the Oyster 2 as it becomes a little more rickety to push if the ground isn't ideal.

Popping up and down curbs wasn't a problem with the Oyster 2, the handle felt strong and the pushchair always seemed stable and steady even when on its two back wheels.

Urban parents will love the nippy ability of the Oyster 2, but if you are after a dog walking, off the beaten track pram then perhaps it's worth thinking again.


There is no need to remove the seat to fold (although you can do if you if you aren't in too much of a rush or are lucky enough not to be juggling hungry or upset children). The seat can fold in a forward facing or rearward facing position.

It is well worth rehearsing this minus baby if you have the chance, there's nothing worse than being caught short in a car park or at a bus stop and not being able to fold your pushchair!

Firstly, if you have the bumper bar or apron attached to the front of the pram, they will need taking off. Then, pop the brake on and use the seat recline lever to push the seat so it is folded in half. Standing at the handlebar of the pushchair, use the sliding levers on both sides of the frame, pull up and fold the pushchair in. The pushchair will naturally concertina itself into its fold package, so that you can then clip the frame lock on. Very easy to do, though you will need both hands.

We were a little surprised at first at the awkward shape of the folded Oyster 2. We didn't see this as too much of an issue though, as personally, we would remove the seat unit to make the end result a lot smaller, especially if we had a boot full of shopping too.

If you want to fold the pushchair in the parent facing position, just follow exactly the same process but your end result is a larger, longer parcel.


The Oyster 2 2016 Facelift is a good all-rounder that boasts the look of a premium, luxury pushchair without putting too much strain on your purse strings. The array of seating options and the fact that it is travel system compatible adds a few more strings to the Oyster 2's bow.

The shallow seat may mean that you need to use the carrycot from birth to shade your babe from the elements and to give them a comfortable space to sleep safely and soundly.

The options of personalising your pushchair with the highly impressive 2016 facelift fabrics is great, but it would be even better if they were included with the pushchair as a whole package. There lots to think of when preparing for baby, with expenses mounting up, without having to purchase necessary added extras such as the pushchair hood in the colour pack.

You can most certainly push with pride when out and about with the BabyStyle Oyster 2 2016 Facelift model.

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