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Aston Rose Review

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Aston Rose Review
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Reviewed On: 22 Jan 2020
Sophie Bell
Expert Reviewer
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The Aston Rose gives a lovely one-handed push thanks to its large and smooth-rolling rear wheels. and the pushchair chassis feels sturdy. However, it is worth noting that it was heavy to lift in and out of the car boot when folded. 

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What’s good
  • Carrycot and seat unit included
  • Classic unisex colour options
  • Large carrycot
  • Great basket with excellent accessibility
  • Hard-wearing wheels
  • Smooth push
What’s not so good
  • Heavy to lift
  • Fold can be fiddly
  • Handlebar adjustment very low down on frame
  • Hand-brake lever low down on frame
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Review Content

Aston Rose Review
Aston Rose Review: Our verdict

As new parents, it is reassuring to know that the 8-piece bundle of the Aston Rose will deliver almost everything you need for your new baby to get out and about. A single purchase includes the pushchair, carrycot, car seat adapters, changing bag, changing mat, seat liner, footmuff, cup holder and raincover for £699. There is also the option to upgrade to the 10-piece bundle which additionally includes the Ickle Bubba i-Size Mercury car seat and ISOFIX base - this option will cost you £899. 

The gold detailing and functions such as the handlebar adjustment and hand brake look beautiful from a distance and pair brilliantly with the classy fabric colours of black and stone that you are able to choose from. However, we did find that the hand brake and handlebar adjusters are placed very low down on the chassis, meaning we had to lean in when operating these features, which wasn't always ideal.

The Aston Rose gives a lovely one-handed push thanks to its large and smooth-rolling rear wheels. and the pushchair chassis feels sturdy. However, it is worth noting that it was heavy to lift in and out of the car boot when folded. 

We loved the size of the basket, the plush included seat liner and footmuff and the excellent extension on the sun canopy that gives baby maximum coverage from rain, wind and shine.


We were excited to see the Aston Rose land at Pushchair Expert HQ. After a few attempts and a good dose of muscle, the Aston Rose was out of the box and ready to go.

The wheels are puncture-proof and they are surrounded by a good quality tyre material. This made for smooth strolling over pavements and park paths and we were able to steer the Aston Rose using just one hand even when it was laden with a 13kg toddler in the seat.

Daring to be different, the Aston Rose has a hand-operated brake system. It is shiny and gold so you can always spot it easily and although the brake worked perfectly well from a safety perspective, we found ourselves getting frustrated with its positioning on the chassis. It is lower down the side of the handlebar than expected, meaning you need to bend down to push it on and off.


The telescopic handlebar has a brilliant range of heights for different pushchair drivers and it can also be completely flipped over the top of the seat to allow for great accessibility to the seat unit or carrycot - a superb feature for families with specific needs and parents who perhaps use wheelchairs or scooters.

The gold clips that allow you to adjust the height of the handlebar are plastic. Just as with the handbrake, we found these were too low down the frame and bending to alter the handle height wasn't always easy.


A good-sized basket is a must for most parents and the Aston Rose basket is indeed a great size. It can be zipped open and closed using the gold zips on each side. We never struggled for space in this basket, which was really reassuring on family days out and school runs.

Seat & Carrycot

The carrycot fabrics Velcro and clip onto the same foam-padded frame as the seat fabrics, so there is no need to buy the carrycot as an additional accessory.

The inside of the carrycot measures 33 x 80 x 22cm, which is roomy enough to allow your baby to stay in the lie-flat position for the recommended six months. The hood on the carrycot is the same one as used for the seat unit - you simply clip it on and off the frame when changing from carrycot to seat unit. It extends to a good length to give baby brilliant shade.

To clip the carrycot on and off the frame, you use the gold rectangular buttons on each side of the carrycot. These are memory buttons that can be pressed one at a time, making removing the carrycot or seat unit a one-handed affair.


We did expect, for the premium price tag, that the carrycot would come complete with a cosy liner. Instead the lining is synthetic and quite a rustly material, which certainly doesn't seem the cosiest for baby. It would have been preferable for the carrycot to be lined in a soft removable and washable liner, more cosy for baby to snuggle into.

When baby has outgrown the carrycot and is ready to see a bit more of the big wide world around them, the carrycot fabrics are removed and the seat fabrics velcroed on to the same frame. The main seat of the Aston Rose measures 45 x 32 x 24cm, which during testing accommodated both our 7-month-old baby and 2.5-year-old toddler well. The depth of the seat is great and really gave a comfortable ride. The seat fabrics look classy, and the simple stone and black colours available are nicely framed by the leather-look detailing.

Reclining the seat unit can be done with one hand. The lever is on the rear of the seat and there are several recline positions so baby can rest and play whilst on the move. It is also possible to parent-face and world-face the seat unit. You can do this in two ways on the Aston Rose. The first is to use the gold rectangular buttons on each side of the seat unit and lift the seat off the frame before turning it around and placing it down in the opposite direction.


The bumper bar is completely removable if needed, although it does also rotate and pivot so you can get baby in and out with no fuss at all. It is covered in the same brown leatherette material as the handlebar.

As with the carrycot, the hood gives plenty of coverage from the sun, almost touching the bumper bar when fully extended. There is also a handy window for you to have a secret peep in on your tot whilst pushing.

If you choose to upgrade from the standard 8-piece bundle (£699) of the pram and pushchair to the 10-piece bundle (£899), you will also receive a 

Mercury i-Size car seat and base

. It's great to know that the seat has passed the latest i-Size regulations and the base is easy to install in almost any car that has ISOFIX anchor points. 


The car seat itself is suitable from birth until your baby is 80cm, which is around the age of 15 months. It was easy to click the car seat out of the car and onto the pushchair using the included adaptors. 

Using the Mercury car seat on the frame of the Aston Rose was certainly convenient when nipping into the shop for a few bits and when doing short trips like the school run.


The fold can be a make-or-break factor when buying a pushchair, especially if grandparents are using the pushchair whilst you are out at work! The fold of the Aston Rose is definitely one that requires a bit of getting used to.

The first step is to remove the carrycot or seat unit from the frame using the gold-coloured rectangular buttons on each side. These sometimes stuck a bit, so we needed to give the seat a wiggle to get it off the frame. The second step is to bend down to the gold handlebar adjuster clips on each side of the frame to release them. You can then use the gold-coloured button in the centre of the handlebar to push the handle downwards (making sure that you press on the small gold triggers at the base of the frame), allowing the central barrel of the chassis to release and creating a relatively flat package.

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