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Pushchairs with a higher weight limit

It seems commonplace in the pushchair world for the standard weight limit to be 15kg or 18kg. Which, let's face it, isn't that high if your child's bigger than average, isn't a great walker (or you clock up a LOT of miles), or relies on their pushchair for longer because of mobility or health reasons.

29th April 2022
Jo Studholme
Advice & Guides
Thule Urban Glide 2 with man

For whatever reason you might need one, we've hunted out some of the pushchairs on the market that can accommodate little ones of 18kg and above and some of them might just surprise you!

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Thule Urban Glide 2 - 25kg

Thule is a great option for anyone wanting to run with their child (once they reach 6 months) and let’s face it, even an older toddler is not going to be able to keep up with even a reasonably paced running adult! With a seat capacity of 25kg, you can be sure that your older toddler is going to be comfortable whilst you jog your way around the closest Park Run.

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egg2 Stroller - 25kg

The Egg2 is a very popular pushchair and has a weight capacity of 25kg. Egg is popular with parents wanting a stylish but practical option and with the ability to turn this pushchair into a tandem, it certainly ticks a lot of boxes for new parents. Available in a wide range of colours, this pushchair with a higher weight limit promises longevity!

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iCandy Orange 2021 - 25kg

The iCandy Orange is another great option from iCandy with a seat weight limit of 25kg. The seats on the Orange are spacious to give growing toddlers lots of room, and like the iCandy Peach this makes a great single or tandem pushchair should you need a pushchair for two.

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iCandy Peach 7 - 25kg

The iCandy Peach has been around for many years now and the launch of the iCandy Peach 7 means it is keeping up with all the latest pushchair trends. With a seat capacity of 25kg in single mode it will last until your little one is ready to walk full time. If your family grows, so can the Peach 7 as with a few additional parts, this pushchair can easily become a tandem.

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iCandy Lime - 25kg

Although always a single pushchair (unlike the iCandy Peach and iCandy Orange), the Lime is a good choice for those wanting a pushchair with a higher weight limit (25kg) but wanting something with a relatively compact fold. The wheels and chassis are slightly smaller on the Lime making a lighter weight option than its iCandy siblings.

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Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle - 25kg

For a long time, Mountain Buggy have had a higher weight capacity than most (although other brands have now caught up). The difference between those and Mountain Buggy is that these are a breeze to push even with your older toddler onboard. The larger than usual wheels insure a 'good push' even when loaded with a heavier toddler.

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Cosatto Wow XL - 25kg

The Cosatto Wow XL, as the name suggests is a beefy option but one built to carry a chunky toddler with its 25kg weight limit whilst in single mode. Teamed with a wide range of patterned fabrics and coloured frames, you have of course got the option to make this a tandem if you have two little urchins to transport!

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Cosatto Woosh 3 - 25kg

As travel strollers go, the Woosh 3 is certainly a head turner and oozes fun with its distinctive patterns. If you are looking for a small fold stroller, perhaps for a holiday or a smaller boot, then the Cosatto Woosh 3 with a weight capacity of 25kg is certainly worth thinking about.

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Cosatto Supa 3 - 25kg

Umbrella fold buggies are a go-to choice for many parents and grandparents alike. The Cosatto Supa 3 is a long lasting choice with its 25kg weight capacity, large hood to keep off the rain and shade from the sun, and of course its spacious seat.

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Cosatto Supa Dupa - 25kg

Many double buggies do not cater in earnest for two older toddlers but the Cosatto Supa Dupa definitely bucks this trend - the Supa Dupa can transport two children weighing up to 25kg each!

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As you can see from the list above, manufacturers are now beginning to test to a higher weight limit. Children are getting bigger and heavier and there are options for those of us who know that there little one is likely to be on the more chunky side, or for those of us who know we will be using a pushchair for a sustained period of time.

Need more help? Just get in touch and one of our experts will be on hand to guide you through the options.

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