Klaus & ChiChi GAGA Go Review

4.0 / 5
A new name to the market Klaus & ChiChi are childhood sweethearts who unable to find the perfect product for their new baby, decided to create their own. Klaus ran a product design studio whilst ChiChi was a graphic artist. Together they created the wonderful GAGA GO.

Quick Summary: As Klaus & ChicChi's flagship product, the GAGA GO has a lot of positives. You get everything you need in with the package, a carrycot, car seat, main seat, matching bag, cosytoes, apron and hood. You also get a raincover and bug net included.

Whats good?

  • Everything you need included
  • Easy folding

Whats not so good?

  • Can't adjust shoulder strap height
  • Car seat awkward to remove from frame


Original Black, Mykonos Blue, Peacock Green, Sandy White, Baby Pink, Akai Purple, Samba Red, Sunflower Yellow


Klaus & ChiChi is not a brand name I had heard of before so I was excited to see what they were all about. The pushchair arrives in two boxes; the larger box contains the chassis, main seat and carrycot. The second box contains the car seat.

There is a bit of assembly to do when you get the boxes open.

Firstly you need to unfold the chassis. To do this, just release the auto-lock on the right of the frame and push the front of the pushchair out. It will click into place when it's fully opened. If you put your foot on the back bar it makes it a bit easier.

To attach the front wheels simply push them up into the holes on the front of the frame. Next, you need to attach the rear axle, which sounds much more complicated than it is. You simply push it into the connector legs on the frame and it all clicks neatly into place. Now attach the rear wheels into the holes on each side of the rear axle. The pins simply push in and click into position.

With a contemporary design and a brushed aluminium frame, which curves at the top and bottom the GAGA GO is nice to look at. It's similar to the shape of a lot of pushchairs so it feels familiar and the quality feels good and sturdy. Steering is nice and easy too as it is so lightweight and the wide base at the back offers extra stability.


Starting from the top, you have a good size hard foam handlebar. The foam feels nice and strong so should hold up to the bumps and inevitable knocks they get. You can adjust the handle to three different positions to suit your preferred pushing height. To change the position simply push the two buttons on the inside of the handle in and then push it up or down to where you want it. It will click and lock into place.


Carrying shopping won't be an issue as the basket is a good size at 40cm (length) x 36cm (wide) x 25cm (deep) at its largest point and will take a maximum weight of 3kg. It's also a little higher than some baskets so shouldn't get muddy as easily. The basket will easily carry a couple of shopping bags though, and as the GAGA GO comes with a matching changing bag which neatly attaches to the frame, you don't need to worry about taking up space in the basket with one. The bag is a good size too and has two front pockets and two internal pockets for all your changing bits and pieces.


Braking is really simple. Located the whole way along the rear axle, you simply push the bar down to put the brake on. Push the bar back up again to take it off.  It's not the most comfortable braking system with open toed shoes, as you need to push the bar up with the top of your foot but it's not stiff so it is pretty easy to do.


With two 11" wheels at the rear, and two 360° swivel 6" front wheels the ride is nice and smooth for you and your little passenger. All the wheels are foam filled so you don't need to worry about embarrassing punctures when you are out and about. The front wheels have added suspension, and can be locked for rougher terrain by pushing down the black clip just above the front of each wheel.


To use it in carrycot mode all you need to do is insert the mattress and the two rods in the top and bottom of the carrycot and you can use it straight away. The carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping too so you don't need to transport a Moses basket around for overnight stays. Inside feels lovely and snug with nice soft fabrics throughout. It's a good size too at 32cm x 77cm x 18cm.

It attaches easily onto the frame. You simply push it into the connectors until it clicks. When you want to remove it, just push the black buttons just under the connectors forwards and then lift the carrycot from the frame. You use the same bumper bar on the carrycot and the seat, it simply clips into the holes on the frame.

If you need to remove the carrycot covers or you want to change over to the main seat, you'll be pleased to hear that it's nice and simple. Just unzip the apron from the top of the carrycot and then remove the mattress. Around the top edge of the carrycot is a hard panel, which slides perfectly into the grooves on the frame. When you want to remove it simply pull each side towards the centre of the carrycot and it slides out.

The two hard rods in the top and bottom of the carrycot, which make the carrycot rigid are easily removed so you can store it away flat when you have finished with it.


When you are ready to use the main seat you'll be pleased to hear that it attaches to the frame easily.

Simply place the fabric over the seat frame and click the fabric flaps into the pins on the side of the frame. Now turn the seat over and lock the fastener belt behind the seat and tighten it up. You can now attach it to the chassis using the same connector holes as the carrycot.

All the fabrics can be wiped clean if you have any spillages and they feel nice and hardwearing.

I'm sure your little one will be very comfortable in the seat as it's a good size at 35cm wide and 46cm high. The back support and the seat are nicely padded and supported and I think any child would feel nice and comfortable. The footplate is hardened too so shouldn't tear from hard shoes.

There are two handy pockets behind the main seat, which would easily fit a drink, and some knickknacks in. They have nice Velcro flaps on top to stop things falling out.

You can use the bumper bar by simply pushing it into the holes on the frame. Unfortunately, it's not gate opening so you have to take it off before putting a child in which will be a little frustrating. It's easily removed though, just push the buttons on either side and then lift it off.

Reclining is easy and is done by pushing the circular buttons on both sides of the frame in at the same time, and moving the seat to any of the four possible positions. Once in place, just release the buttons.

Both the waist and shoulder straps of the 5-point harness can be adjusted but the shoulder height cannot be changed, which isn't ideal for smaller children like my small 2 year old. There are colour coded shoulder pads for added comfort and these are a nice size and feel well padded. The buckles push into the clasp as you would expect from a 5-point harness but it's quite difficult to open again as it feels rather stiff although it might get easier with use.

Klaus & ChiChi say that all the fabrics are rainproof which is great. You get a raincover included as standard too. It's a PVC raincover, which has a breathable ventilation panel on the front. It covers the pushchair nicely but unfortunately it's rather noisy to get on and off.

When it comes to the hood, it's a good size. It Velcro's onto the back of the seat and clips onto the frame easily thanks to the clever plastic clasps that hold onto the frame. The hood moves forward in two stages and has a handy pop out visor too for extra protection from the daily elements. 


A group 0+ car seat is included in the package too and clips onto the frame using the same connectors as the carrycot and main seat unit.

Suitable to 13kg the car seat is a nice size. It's 12cm wide and the back is 15cm high. It has a 3-point harness, which can be adjusted to two shoulder heights for a snug fit. The buckle is released by pushing the red button on the left in, I found that a little fiddly and awkward to do, especially with a squirming baby in there. There is also a removable head and shoulder support cushion for added comfort for your little treasure.

Fitting the car seat into your car is simple as it's done with the seatbelt. You simply place the lap belt across the front of the seat, under the belt hooks on either side, and then stretch the diagonal seat belt strap around the rear of the seat, again popping it through the seat belt hook. I think the hooks could have been better highlighted and getting the seat belt into the rear hook is a bit fiddly until you've done it a few times.

Attaching it to the frame is easy as it pushes into the same connectors on the frame as the main seat unit and carrycot and is removed in the same way. Unfortunately I found it awkward to remove so I wouldn't have wanted to remove it with a child in place. I almost needed an extra hand so I could release and lift the car seat from the frame. I think after a few attempts you would be able to do it but it's not as simple as I would have liked.

You can adjust the handle of the seat to make getting your little on in and out easier which is done by pushing the red buttons near the connection points on the handle.

It also comes with its own hood which poppers onto the back and sides of the car seat. It's a good size and would protect your little bundle from the elements.

There are adapters available as an extra that allow you to use a Maxi-Cosi car seat if you would prefer.


Folding and unfolding the GAGA GO is easy thanks to a spring loaded chassis.

When you want to fold the pushchair you will need to remove whichever seat unit you are using first.

Now push the safety release button on the right hand side of the frame, which is just above the release button. Then slide the two release buttons on either side up the frame and everything will begin to move. Push the handle down towards the ground. The pushchair will fold flat and will auto-lock in place. You can fold the handle down to its lowest setting now and the pushchair will free stand on its handle.

When you want to use it again. Release the auto-lock on the right of the frame and push the front of the pushchair out. It will click into place when it's fully opened. If you put your foot on the back axle as you push it out it makes the transition a little smoother.


As Klaus & ChicChi's flagship product, the GAGA GO has a lot of positives. You get everything you need in with the package, a carrycot, car seat, main seat, matching bag, cosytoes, apron and hood. You also get a raincover and bug net included.

There is room for improvement. The harness clasps on both the car seat and the main seat are fiddly to open and the shoulder straps can't be adjusted which could be uncomfortable for smaller children. The bumper bar isn't gate opening, which is an annoyance if you have a child in your arms wiggling around when you are trying to take it off.

When it comes to the car seat I think the seat belt holders should be better identified so you know exactly where to put them.

The GAGA GO is easy to push thanks to the lightweight frame, solid wheels and front suspension, and it is really easy to fold. You need to remove the seat unit first but when folded the chassis is a small package and is also free standing so will happily stand in your hallway until needed.

All the fabrics can be wiped over and feel durable and strong and the extras you get with this pushchair means you get real value for money when you buy this package. It's also available in lots of funky colours and extra colour packs can be purchased if you fancy a change. So, if you are looking for the full 3-in-1 package you really should take a look at a Klaus & ChiChi GAGA GO.

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