iCandy Peach 2016 Review

5.0 / 5
The new iCandy Peach really excels itself. It looked good before, but the new features finish it off beautifully.

Quick Summary: Though a ‘pretty' pushchair, it can still stand up for itself and keep your little one safe and comfortable, with practical features to boot.

Whats good?

  • Stylish looks
  • Capable of carrying second child
  • Beautiful new colourways
  • High weight limit

Whats not so good?

  • Static bumper bar

iCandy have released the new Peach with several updates, improving on their already bestselling pushchair. Their focus is on performance and luxury with British craftsmanship, and over 80 years of experience means that they know what they're doing!

The Peach comes in ten fresh new colourways, with the addition of another chassis colour - Space Grey.

Royal on Chrome, Butterscotch on Chrome, Black Magic 2 on Chrome, Truffle 2 on Chrome, Bubblegum on Chrome, Honeycomb on Space Grey (exclusive to all official iCandy stockists), Peacock on Space Grey (Mothercare Exclusive), Olive on Space Grey, Claret on Black and Primrose on Black.

Without having to compromise on space and size, the Peach provides transport for one or two children, all on the footprint of a single pushchair. We have had the brand new Space Grey chassis with Honeycomb fabrics here in the office to check out. The chunky chassis looks and feels well built, and the bright yellow of the insides of the seat unit and carrycot certainly stands out. The rest of the material is light brown, giving quite a retro feel.

One of the updates on the new Peach is the handlebar. It can still be adjusted to four different settings by squeezing the button in the centre, but now features a leatherette covering. This is slightly padded and really comfortable to hold. To protect the handlebar material from the floor when in the freestanding fold, there are thick rubber rings at either side of the button on the handle. A simple idea that really works.

Made from a hardwearing EVA, the wheels pose no risk of puncture and still give a smooth ride and push. Though lightweight and ideal on even surfaces, there is less cushioning for the rougher terrain than with an air tyre option, but the front wheels can be locked to make it easier.

The brake is placed to the centre of the chassis and couldn't be simpler as a 'press on','flip up' type. It is hidden from view slightly though by the lip of the basket.

Regularly used as a shopping pushchair, the shopping basket is important on the Peach. Large enough to fit your changing bag and a couple of shopping baskets, the basket is made from a strong lined material with mesh sides and has a maximum capacity of 5kg.

To create a travel system, the Peach is compatible with Maxi Cosi Cabriofix, Pebble and Pebble Plus and BeSafe iZiGo infant carriers with the purchase of adaptors.

For parents on their first child and looking to expand their family, or parents of siblings close in age, the Peach can be converted into a tandem pushchair. With the addition of converter adaptors, it is capable of carrying two seat units, a carrycot and seat unit, or even two infant carriers. Because it's done on the same single pushchair frame, it's one of the most compact tandems available.

Elevators are included with the package to raise the seat unit or carrycot closer to you when in parent facing mode. They can also be used in world facing mode to lift the seat closer to the table - really handy if you're eating in a restaurant! We love this idea, and even better that it's not an additional purchase.

The main seat is suitable from 6 months right up to 25kg! Teamed with a tall seat back of 50cm, this means that it will last even the largest of toddlers. The five point harness has three height settings and features the new one touch buckle. As the shoulder straps connect to the waist straps, it's quick to split into five parts, while still staying together well while you fasten. The two parts then clip into either side of the large round buckle, and this can be done one at a time for ease. Coordinated to match the colour scheme of the pushchair, and with the iCandy logo, it's so simple to open the buckle with one hand by pressing the centre.

A bumper bar comes with the Peach, but it's not gate opening so you may need to completely remove it to get your child in and out - there are two tabs, one at each side to remove it from the frame. This has also had an upgrade with the leatherette covering.

To keep a napping child comfortable, the Peach seat unit has three recline positions in both parent and world facing. This is achieved by pressing the inner part of the circle at each side simultaneously. The outer parts of the circle can be pressed one at a time, to facilitate a one handed removal of the seat, making the fold even easier.

The hood on the Peach offers plenty of protection, with a few soft clicks as you move it forwards and back. Zipping around the back seat, it completely encompasses the child and prevents any drafts. The hood will also slide up and down the frame to allow for a taller child. At the other end of the seat, the footrest is adjustable to keep a little one comfortable.

If you have a newborn, then the Peach carrycot is a must and is also available in the new colourways. The inside is covered with a soft liner that can be removed for washing and the thick mattress and apron will keep them cosy and protected. The hood also does a great job as it's a good size made from the same fabric as the seat unit. The best thing about the carrycot is its huge size, measuring 74x40cm. There's definitely enough room to keep a baby comfortable up to six months. An integral bumper bar makes transporting the carrycot around easy.

The two part fold on the Peach can be done one handed and is really easy to do. To start the fold, just slide the handlebar down to its lowest position, so that it disengages the folding hub locks. The handle then drops down to the floor and you can pick up the strap from inside the basket to fold the rest of the chassis. There's no auto lock, so you need to manually put the clip on and the compact fold can free stand for better storage. To unfold the chassis, you just need to release the catch, push the front wheels out, and lift the handle.


The new iCandy Peach really excels itself. It looked good before, but the new features finish it off beautifully. Though a ‘pretty' pushchair, it can still stand up for itself and keep your little one safe and comfortable, with practical features to boot.

From the comfortable and stylish carrycot, up to the seat unit with the increased weight limit, you can use it from birth to toddlerhood, and then even with a second child. This makes it a pushchair with good longevity.

The leatherette handle and bumper bar, colour coordinated one touch buckle and brand new colourways add to an already impressive pushchair. Though on the expensive side of the market, it is made with attention to detail to make sure that parents are more than happy with their investment. 82 years in the making was definitely worth it.

Keen to find out more? The full Peach 2016 collection will make its first appearance at The Baby Show, ExCel 2016, this February.

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