ABC Design Zoom 2016 Review

4.5 / 5
If you want comfort and space for your children, for either siblings close in age or twins, this is definitely a pushchair to check out.

Quick Summary: If space is no problem for you, and you want both children to be as comfy as possible, the Zoom is a great option. We love the spacious and comfy seats that offer the same level for both children. And though it could have been designed as something a little clumsy, it looks stylish with the simple curved chassis, while also being sturdy and built to last.

Whats good?

  • Slimline
  • Full recline possible with both seats at the same time
  • Both seats the same size
  • Great space for children in all combinations

Whats not so good?

  • Difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces
  • Difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces

ABC Design are a German company that have been going for over 25 years now, offering everything from pushchairs to car seats and highchairs. They've made some improvements to their tandem Zoom pushchair, so we're going to take a closer look.


The Zoom has multiple positions to suit any family, whether it's siblings close in age or twins. As the below options can be fitted both forward facing, both rear facing, facing each other, or facing away from each other, then you have lots of configurations to choose from. You also have the choice of which unit to place on the front or back.

  • Two car seats - car seat adapters required
  • Two carrycots - 2nd carrycot adapter required
  • Two seat units
  • Car seat and carrycot - car seat adapter required
  • Carrycot and seat unit
  • Car seat and seat unit - car seat adapter required

We love that no matter what configuration you choose, both children have plenty of space for their legs and a good view.


Capable of carrying two seats, carrycots or car seats, the chassis of the Zoom is made to be sturdy and has a long and curved appearance. It has a look of style and sophistication and it is obvious at first glance how well made the chassis is, with everything operating smoothly. We love the classy brushed metal sheen that should stand up to scratches and marks.

The handlebar on the Zoom can be adjusted with the button at the centre. There's a good range of heights to suit all sizes of parent, and the leather effect covering coordinates beautifully with the seat trims and bumper bars.

Down to the floor, the wheels of the Zoom are larger on the back than the front, and made from a puncture proof foam. They are also all quick release, which makes a significant difference to the size of the chassis when folded. To make steering easier over the bumps, there is a catch on each front wheel to lock the wheels off. Slightly hidden under the back seat or carrycot, and in the middle of the chassis, is the brake. It's a very simple rock back for on and forwards for off.

For two children, there's always going to be lots of baggage, and the guys at ABC Design have definitely catered for it. The basket is an impressive 64cm long, and gently slopes between the two seats. With any of the seat combinations, you have great access from each side. It's deep enough to hold several shopping bags and your changing bag. As it's so long, it could even hold awkward shaped items that usually wouldn't fit under a pushchair.

To attach either Maxi-Cosi, Cybex, Kiddy or ABC Design infant carriers to the chassis, ABC Design sell car seat adapters and either one or two can be used at the same time.


Thanks to the shape of the chassis, both seats sit pretty much level, the rear seat being ever so slightly higher. This is great for the children taking a ride. So often with tandem pushchairs, one of the child's position or comfort is compromised, but not so with the Zoom. It's also lovely to have both seats the same size, so if you have different aged children, they're not limited to who rides up front. With so many different combinations, it's great that the seats are so simple to remove and spin around. There are two little triggers right where you grab hold of the seat to lift.

We have the Street colourway in the office for testing, which features an almost denim style seat material and leather effect highlights. The fabrics are a big improvement to the previous model and ooze comfort with the included thick liner. With the seat units measuring 50cm tall, they will last even if you have an older toddler to take out.

The five point harness has shoulder and crotch pads, with the crotch pad even having an extra part to keep the buckle covered and away from your child's fingers. The two sides of the harness sit neatly together to clip into the buckle, and can be adjusted with the plastic sliders on the shoulder straps. Covering the seat unit, is a coordinating leather effect bumper bar. It's fully gate opening to make getting your child in the seat easy, and there's a button at either side to release.

To recline the seat unit, there is a button at either side to press, so it's not a one handed job. There is then three angles to choose from, which are also shown as numbered positions on the plastic of the seat. Shading the child in any position is the large hood, which is extended further with the pull out visor. It has a UPF50+ rating for even better protection. A large plastic and mesh window allows you to keep a constant view of your child if they are world facing, with a material flap that can be pulled over to keep them fully shaded.

Multiple positions of the footrest mean that legs of all lengths are covered, and it's lined with a wipeable material. For a child that has longer legs that reach down to the ledge at the bottom of the footrest, there are pieces of fabric which will be harder to keep clean.


It is possible to use one or two carrycots on the Zoom chassis - so perfect for twins. With two carrycots on the Zoom chassis, one sits slightly higher than the other, as 2nd Carrycot adapters are required. You will need to stand to the side to see your front carrycot, as it sits so far away from the handlebar.

The carrycots are a great size, measuring 80cm long and 38cm wide. They offer plenty of space for a growing child and will definitely last to six months. Thanks to the space that the Zoom offers, both carrycots are full size.

Keeping a newborn snug and cosy, the hood has an extra sun visor and a matching apron sits over the top of the carrycot with elasticated sides and Velcro keeping it in place. The same peekaboo window from the seat units appears on the hood. Inside, there's a thick mattress with a waterproof covering that will easily wipe clean. The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping.

The handle to carry the carrycot with is integrated into the rim of the hood. Again, the leather effect covering is there to fully coordinate. A great feature on the carrycots is hidden away in the zipped pocket at the foot. A mosquito cover pulls out and is poppered into place to prevent it from becoming lost. It's such a good idea that it is kept with the carrycot, so that it always there when you need it. It tends to be something that you only think about after you've left the house!

To remove the carrycot from the frame, the buttons are hidden inside the handles at either side, which is ergonomically designed to be done in one fluid movement - press and lift. When not in use, the carrycot can be folded flat for ease of transport and storage.


We're not going to lie, the Zoom is a long pushchair, so manoeuvring it in small spaces can be tricky. It is slimline though, so won't struggle fitting through doorways, it's just turning it around in the shop that you might have a problem with.

Suspension on the rear helps to bounce the Zoom up kerbs, which is much needed, especially when you have a heavy tot riding up front. The ride is light and smooth and it's a nice push for parents.


The Zoom chassis looks complicated, but it actually has a very simple fold. Before you can start, all seats and/or carrycots need removing. Next, adjust the handlebar to its lowest point and push two buttons at each side of the handlebar. Finally press the small red pedal near the back left wheel and push the handlebar forwards for the chassis to fold down on itself. An automatic lock on the right hand side keeps it together.

Though the fold size of the chassis isn't huge, you still have to have space to store both seats or carrycots as well. The front and rear wheels can both be removed to make it smaller. Putting the chassis back up needs the latch removing and then the handle bar pulling up.


If space is no problem for you, and you want both children to be as comfy as possible, the Zoom is a great option. We love the spacious and comfy seats that offer the same level for both children. And though it could have been designed as something a little clumsy, it looks stylish with the simple curved chassis, while also being sturdy and built to last.

It offers plenty of room to carry two children of different or same ages, as well as lots of capacity down below in the basket for carrying the essential baby paraphernalia. There's also enough configurations with the seat units, carrycots or infant carriers for any family's needs.

The only real downside is the length of the pushchair. Giving full room to both children riding on the Zoom is bound to create a tandem pushchair that will be awkward to navigate around the tight aisles of a busy shop. Getting past this is the real hurdle, but it's a pushchair you could love for the practicality, versatility and child comfort levels.

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