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BundleBean Go is the only 5-in-1 waterproof fleece blanket on the market - an ultimately practical and versatile piece of kit.  The waterproof nylon shell is backed with cosy fleece and is fully adjustable meaning it can fit onto any pushchair, infant car seat, bike seat or front style baby carrier.  BundleBean Go can also be opened up for use as play-mat or an impromptu picnic rug and rolls up and fastens neatly for easy storage.  The unique elasticated pouch section at the bottom of the blanket is fully adjustable and creates a snug fit every time. 

·         BundleBean Go is the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ solution to keep babies and
          children warm and dry, whatever the weather and however you travel

·         Fully adaptable and easy to move from buggy to bikeseat, carrier to carseat,
          opened out flat or zipped up to create a pouch

·         BundleBean Go is very easy to put on and take off. No need to wake your child
          up to fix it on or fiddle about feeding harness straps through. 

·         Suitable for all ages from tiddler to toddler (newborn – 4 years)

·         Made of 350gsm superior quality anti-pill fleece to keep little bundles toasty
          warm, with a waterproof nylon shell to keep them dry

·         Flap can be folded up or down for varying levels of cosiness.... arms can be in or

·         Three funky colour-ways – pretty pink spot, funky blue spot and chic plain black

·         Pouch pocket for cosy hands (for kids in pushchairs or chilly bike rides OR for
          mum in carrier mode) or to keep essentials within reach

·         BundleBean Go rolls up into a neat little bundle (no bulky foot-muffs or
          rain covers to lug about) and fastens securely with one of the straps.

·         It opens out flat for use as a play mat or picnic rug.  Handy for messy children in
          tidy houses or tidy children in messy parks.

·         Machine washable at 40 deg. Dries super quick

BundleBean Go retails at £29.99 and we have THREE to give away in pink, black or blue!

For more information and photos of BundleBean Go in action, or to make a purchase, please go to our website at www.bundlebean.com